Monday, December 22, 2008


I love being naked. I sleep naked every night. (I put on a bathrobe to leave the room, even just to the bathroom--my roommate puts up with enough eccentricity as it is.) Sometimes alone in my room I'll just hang out naked, reading or doing crafts or whatever, just enjoying the feeling of freedom.

One of the many things I love about being in a relationship is hanging out naked together. Even watching TV is more fun without pants, and cooking naked is a blast as long as you're not working with hot oil. (Naked + apron is a pretty sex look too.)

And one of the best damn things in the world is being naked outdoors. It's hard to arrange though. I live in an apartment where the only outdoors space is an extremely visible balcony, and I'm not on nakey terms with anyone who has a private backyard. I've been naked in the tent while camping sometimes. Chilly but fun. Maybe in the summer I can backpack to somewhere sufficiently remote, hopefully with the company of a special friend, and be nakey there.

There's no way to say this without sounding like a creep (and, uh, having a sex blog with 400 posts bragging about what a horny pervert I am probably doesn't help), but I really wish nonsexual nudity was socially acceptable. I wish it was a sociable thing--hey, we're having a party, bring a six-pack and a towel to sit on!

In my sexual utopia, nudity is like taking off your shoes. It's unusual to do in public, but no big scandal if you do, and it's a sign of relaxation to do in private, but no judgement if you don't. And it's true that you usually take off your shoes to have sex, but that doesn't make shoelessness sexually menacing or vulnerable or inviting, it's little more than a coincidence.

As I type this, I'm wearing nothing but glasses and a hairtie, and I am so damn comfy.


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  2. You should check out Dark Odyssey Sex Camp to be naked outdoors. It's the best thing ever- a camp full of naked perverts!

  3. Avah - Oh man, if only it weren't 2700 miles away...

    There's an annual sexy camp in my area too though.

  4. being naked, if the weather/temperture coopoerates, is the most relaxing thing (so long as there is no pressure. true story: some years ago i ended up roommates with this guy. i made it veeeeeeeeeeeeery clear from day one that roommates was IT. i. did. not. find. him. attractive.

    so he comes rushing into my room one day, doesn't knock or announce himself or let me know he is there in any way. i am nekkid, reading. so he IMMEDIEATLY though that this meant that i was going to have sex with, and was pissed with me for over a month for "teasing" him. i moved out literally as soon as i could)

  5. I never really understood the joy of nakedness until I started dating my current boyfriend. Our first summer dating we spent almost all our time together naked in his apartment. He didn't have AC so it was just so much more comfy to be nakkie. It's surprising how much difference even a thin layer of clothes makes. It was awesome.

    And now I'm nakie while reading this and eating lunch! :)

  6. The human body isn't meant to be covered at all times with fabric. First, skin is a sensory organ. Wearing clothes all the time is dulling a large portion of one's sensory experience, sort of like wearing an eyepatch at all times for purely decorative reasons. Second, many fabrics screw up the body's bio-electric fields which can have subtle negative effects. For example, ever notice that if you get sunburned while wearing a shirt and shorts, the skin that's burned the worst is usually the parts that are right next to the clothing? Given that, it's hardly surprising that some people are more comfortable without clothing despite powerful social pressures against it.

    Nudist resorts and communities do exist for that reason. While a small (but very visible) minority of them are adults-only, hedonistic affairs, the majority are semi-conservative family-oriented places that don't tolerate open displays of sexuality. They generally believe that casual nudity is healthy (both physically and psychologically) and shame is not. And there are many more who aren't involved in such communities but tend to agree.

    So while you might be weird by the standards of the general public, you're far from alone.

  7. Hey, I like to be Swayze-dressed(i.e., pants), but otherwise I'm right there with ya. And that's so I can run, fight, or fry bacon at a moment's notice.

  8. As I sit here reading this, I have on nothing but my glasses. I am glad came back to this blog, I forgot how interesting it was.

    I almost forgot; if you like stargazing you really have to try it naked sometime. I love finding a remote campsite, getting out the telescope, and just enjoying a naked night out under the stars.

  9. Am I the only person who's first thought was "this post is worthless without pics"?

    I do agree: being nekkid IS much more comfortable (conditions allowing)...

  10. Your Cosmocking posts were recommended on LJ.

    When I lived in a house without children, I used to spend time naked, particularly on un-air-conditioned summer days. Even to cook bacon.

  11. I CONCUR.

    I went on a big hippie retreat once where about twenty of us, ages 18 to 50, all sat around on a beach naked as jaybirds for an afternoon or two. Squatting in the rocks building little cairns, lounging in the shade eating chips n hummus, splashing and swimming in the water, playing in the mud... I distinctly remember smearing mud on a woman's boobs, then asking "What was your name again?" We had a grand old laugh.

    It was one of the most beautiful, happy, relaxing, cleansing, magical days of my life. I am definitely in favor of casual nudity.