Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sex Toy Reviews: Nubby G!

Sex toys always have embarrassing names. I'm not really sure what name wouldn't be embarrassing though; none comes to mind. It's either embarrassingly descriptive ("The Cone") or embarrassingly non-descriptive ("The Sybian") and either way I kind of cringe. It's probably my own problem.

Anyway. It is nubby and it is for your, uh, G. And OH MY FUCKING GOD does it feel FUCKING PERFECT. It's thick--maybe too thick if a little stretching isn't your thing, definitely a toy to use with lube--and it has a nice big firm thingy pushing right where it feels great. The nubby things on the bottom are a little frustrating since they almost-but-not quite reach your clit and ass (your perineum may vary), but they still help spread the sensations around nicely.

The vibrator doesn't do much. It's in the wrong place and it's kinda loud. Better to just use the toy with the vibe off and just kinda wiggle it manually.

One caveat: this is not silicone, it's made of some sort of non-Mother-Jones-approved evil demon rubber that will give you cancer or something. (Phthalate-softened rubber, specifically.) Personally I read the scientific evidence and don't think it matters unless you eat a bucket of vibrators for dinner every night, but if you're a paranoid hippie, there are lots of similar things that are made of silicone. Get it quick before they decide silicone gives you cancer too!

I guess it doesn't sound great on paper, but damn, it just feels so goddamn good. Even to just put it in and leave it there, not even touching anything, feels fantastic.


  1. How fair is it for such an easily orgasmic woman to profile sex toys?

  2. yeah! your right bruno..but i guess holly you should find some alternative there are some sex toys that hasn't harm your health too.

  3. Bruno - You have a point, but honestly, everyone's got their preferences--short of "does it work?" concerns, I'm not sure sex toys can be objectively reviewed.

    Msgposthotness - Eh, I really don't think it's has harm my health. I mean:
    a) Pthalate metabolites are in most everyone whether you use evil-demon-rubber sex toys or not
    b) The only animal studies showing clear harms involved feeding the poor critters massive amounts of pthalates straight up
    c) I feel fine so far, so what could possibly be wrong...

  4. Mmmmm, stir fried Pthalates!

  5. the link redirects to the G Spot Vibrators section. There is absolutely nothing on the site called Nubby or G
    There is a WeVibe 3 that (almost?) matches your description. Is that what you meant? Or did you mean the Paulina Vibe?