Sunday, December 28, 2008


I keep putting off looking for a boy because I feel like I'm not attractive enough. I know this is dumb.

A) I'm not getting any more attractive anytime soon, so it's not "putting off" so much as "avoiding."
B) I've met lots of nice boys while wearing this very same face.
C) The worst thing that could happen is that I'll still be single. It's not like if I get rejected too much I'll be doubly single. Or something.
D) You know what's really unattractive? "Wah wah I'm ugly" self-pity.

I don't like being single, and random sex, though fun, leaves a lot of needs unfulfilled. Gotta get back up on that horsie.


  1. Bruno gets it. Oh yes.

  2. ...and you're also actually cute. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who'd be interested in a smart, funny sex fiend.

  3. I'm with you there.

  4. Yes, just direct any guy to your blog and I'm sure that would do the trick. Although, probably not the kind of guy you're looking for if that's what it takes.

    Life would be so much easier without the concept of rejection. Good luck in your search.