Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Misandry Bubble - Part 7 - The Exciting Conclusion!

I'm finishing it this post. I don't care how long it takes, I'm not devoting one more post to this guy. I'm only bothering to finish because I've gotten through so much that I'd hate to abandon the project when it's nearly done. After this, I'm posting about hot happy sex between decent human beings, so help me God.

I left off with him applauding mass murder, but right after that there's a section I'm going to skip over, because all it does is prove that women who choose to have fewer children end up having fewer children. (Except feminists, who have zero children because no one wants the ugly old sluts etcetera.) There's a chart and everything.

Lefto-'feminists' will be outbred and replaced very quickly, and rural American conservatives will be the only resiliently youthful population among all the world's white ethnicities. The state that lefto-'feminists' so admire will quickly turn on them once the state calculates that these women are neither producing new taxpayers nor new technologies, and will find a way to demote them from their present 'empowered' position of entitlement.
Gosh, and I was just thinking this essay could use some racism. White people aren't breeding enough, the population will become sullied, oh noes.

I don't think the state actually wants "new taxpayers" that badly, considering that they're going to spend their first 18 years (at least) as serious financial liabilities, and even more so when people are having large families at young ages.

Also, apparently women don't invent new technologies or even contribute to existing ones. That one didn't really come from anywhere; I guess it's self-evident. I don't think this guy understands that when women don't have children, and certainly when they don't have partners, they work. A single childless woman probably contributes more to society in the short run.

The Four Horsemen of Male Emancipation
Dun dun DUNNNN!

1) The Venusian Arts : Learning the truth about how the female mind works is a precious and transcendant body of knowledge for any man.
Ooh, I can teach you that right now.
1. Think about how you think. Consider how you like things that are fun, don't like things that suck, sometimes have difficulty with your emotions but are usually able to step back and see things rationally, and feel a certain inner sense of what's right.
2. Imagine another person thinking just that same way.
3. Except they have breasts.

The ecstasy of two or even three concurrent relationships with women of substantially above average beauty are quite attainable to a man who has scaled the summit, which further deprives the hapless betas (again, male attractiveness to women is zero-sum in a way that female attractiveness to men is not). Thus, while 80% of men have no intellectual capacity to grasp and master the Venusian Arts, if the number of solid practitioners even begins to approach 20%, multiple parasitic beasts, from female moochers to the tax-swilling state to the corrupt real-estate and divorce lawyer industries, can be effectively starved.
But if you only want women of "substantially above average beauty," won't the uglies still go out and marry betas and get thrill-divorces? I don't see how this solves the problem.

2) Adult Entertainment Technologies of 2020 : What of the 80% of men who cannot conceptualize the Venusian Arts? Won't they be condemned to live a life of frustration, humiliation, near-slavery, and occasional thoughts of suicide? Thankfully, these poor souls will experience a satisfactory release through technology, just like women did through technologies such as contraceptive pills, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners.
Oh, I see, no one would marry an ugly, they'd kill themselves first! Fair enough. So then we get to "fuck you all, I'll just go watch porn!" Which works just fine for me, mister.

I have no idea at all what this has to do with vacuum cleaners. I guess the idea is that vacuum cleaners liberated women from men (before them women had to stay home all day to beat rugs and needed a man to finance this operation) so now porn liberates men from women. And the idea--in both directions--that you could be liberated from needing someone but still feel that you wanted them--clearly doesn't exist in this guy's cold dark little world.

For those (mostly women) who claim that the VR sex of 2020 would not be a sufficient substitute for the real thing, that drawback is more than superceded by the inescapable fact that the virtual woman would be made to be a 10/10+ in appearance, while the real women that the typical beta male user has access to would be in the 4-7 range.
Oh, I have no doubt that VR sex would be excellent! But taking off the VR helmet and codpiece and looking around your empty silent apartment--that's not for everyone. Even if your VR 10 passes the Turing Test perfectly, telling her about your day and making little private jokes with her just won't be the same.

As single men arrive home from work on Friday evening, they will simply default into their VR immersion, giving a whole new meaning to the concept of 'beta testing'. These sequestered men will be conspicuously absent from the bars and nightclubs that were the former venues of expenditure and frustration, causing many establishments to go out of business. The brains of these men will warp to the extent that they can no longer muster any libido for the majority of real women. This will cause a massive devaluation in the sexual market value of most women, resulting in 8s being treated like 5s, and 35-year-old women unable to attract the interest of even 55-year-old men. The Wile E. Coyote moment for women will move a few years ahead, and the alphas with Venusian Arts competence will find an even easier field of desperate women to enjoy.
It's true, some creepy desperate men will stop trying. And thank God for that, it'll mellow them out and get them off our backs. But as for "and then there won't be any men left and you'll all be desperate and feel ugly, ha ha," I think he seriously overestimates the prevalence of desperate creeps. Escorts already provide a "pay for it and a beautiful women will pretend to like you" service, but they haven't exactly taken all the men away. (Actually, I don't think this particular breed of desperate creeps goes to escorts that much. They're so fixated on winning a woman-prize, just hiring one would be cheating.)

Besides, shit, you guys are always on about "status" as a reason for getting a woman--where exactly is the status in admitting that you've completely given up?

3) Globalization :
The TL;DR of this section is "fuck you, I'll just go marry a nice perfectly submissive foreign woman!" I think this is a repeat since he talked about sex dolls in the last section already. Weirdly for someone who claims to have lived outside the US, his perception of foreign women is about as nuanced and realistic as his ideas about women in the Past.

4) Male Economic Disengagement and Resultant Tax-Base Erosion : Earlier passages have highlighted how even the most stridently egomaniacal 'feminist' is heavily dependent on male endeavors. I will repeat again that there will never, ever be a successful human society where men have no incentive to aspire to the full maximum of their productive and entrepreneurial capabilities.
There sure won't! That's why we have money and public acclaim and social success and personal fulfillment! But pardon me if I don't volunteer my pussy as a Motivation Builder at the next company picnic. Anyway, most guys who really get to the "full maximum" have already been married for a while at that point. It's a mystery why they kept going after they got a woman; what other reason could there possibly be for human endeavor?

The 'progressive' income tax scale in the US was levied under the assumption that men who could earn 10 times more than they needed for themselves would always do so, for their families. A man with no such familial aspirations may choose an easier job at lower pay, costing the state more than he costs himself. [...] The 'feminist' hypergamous utopia is not self-financing, but is precariously dependent on every beta man working at his full capacity, without which the government bubble, inseparable from the misandry bubble, collapses.
Most lower-paid jobs aren't so easy. For every security guard who gets $10/hr to watch an empty parking lot all night, there's quite a few people doing mind-numbing data entry or soul-crushing customer service or back-ruining manual labor, and I imagine they wouldn't need the promise of pussy to get better jobs if they could.

His entire thesis seems to be that men will go completely torpid if they aren't paid in exactly the amount of pussy that they've earned. Women just need to take one for the team to keep society going, because the allotment of our bodies to deserving workers makes the world go 'round. This is one step beyond commodification--we're not even a commodity, in this guy's head we're currency.

Maybe we could have a bunch of women hole up in Fort Knox and pass out notes indicating how many women in that fort you're entitled to, and guys could just use the notes for trade. Then we'll all sneak out and leave them trading purely fiat pussy, and no one will be the wiser.

Who Should Care?
No one.

This section is pretty much just recap, and of course boils down to "everyone should care!"

I am just an observer, and will not become an activist of any sort, although, as described earlier, being an 'inactivist' in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi is also powerful.
I think you're more an "inactivist" in the spirit of my cousin who lives in her mom's attic and watches a lot of soap operas.

If my views on gender dynamics are unwelcome in the country of my birth (the US), and if the costs of misandry asphyxiate the US economy to the extent that India is a greener pasture, I will leave my homeland and immigrate to India, where a freedom of speech exists that may no longer exist in America.
Well gosh don't let the door hit you on your way out.

For those misandrists who say 'good riddance' with great haste, remember that blogging can still be done from overseas.
It's a twist ending! The monster looked dead but then, slowly, as it lay broken on the ground, it opened just one eye.


Yes. The end.


  1. Hole-y is a Butt-SlutMay 22, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    "fuck you, I'll just go marry a nice perfectly submissive foreign woman!"

    Ah, racism from Hole-y. This surprises no one - a male-basher is also a racist.

  2. I'm sorry I couldn't write in smaller words and more direct sentences, but I can't cater everything to your comprehension level, Butt-Slut dude.

  3. Butt slutty anon clearly does not understand sarcasm and mockery huh. :(

    The gist of this whole thing seems to be basically "I'm a horny, murder-glorifying creep who can't get laid. NOT my fault. It's the women's fault"

  4. Hole-y is a Butt-SlutMay 22, 2010 at 5:37 PM

    I see Hole-y has been caught red-handed in her racism, and is trying to avoid getting pwned.

    Melanie (also a butt-slut) is stumped, and can't really articulate coherent thoughts.

    1. Can I be a butt-slut too? They seem like they're the cool kids!

    2. I'm a butt-slut in my fantasies, does that still count? :)

  5. Could you do me a favor and switch it up a little? Playing with trolls is fun, but the repetition gets old.

    This would be so much more interesting if you were smarter. :(

  6. Er, I interrupt the trolling conversation just to mention that the "fiat pussy" joke is brilliant and hilarious.

  7. I'm a butt slut and I've never even had anal sex.

    Wow. That's just amazing isn't it.

  8. Thank you, Holly, for the time and effort that you put into producing these posts. My fiance and I have enjoyed your humour immensely.

  9. Maybe we could have a bunch of women hole up in Fort Knox and pass out notes indicating how many women in that fort you're entitled to, and guys could just use the notes for trade. Then we'll all sneak out and leave them trading purely fiat pussy, and no one will be the wiser.


    Butt-Slut Dude--why so glum?

  10. i'm fascinated by his vr pussy dystopia.

    how come men are all up in that shit and there's no vr dick for ladies and gay dudes? does he really not foresee the following occurance:

    also it's pretty interesting that, for all his PUA blah blah blah about evolution and the importance of passing on genes, he never considers that people need real partners to do this. So he thinks that people who opt for VR sex are those who are willing to go without kids? that's way less than 80% of the population, dude.

    or maybe he thinks they will just have adorable robot babies on the PlayStation 10.

  11. I've enjoyed this, but I'm glad it's over with. I'm interested to see if the troll keeps posting on future posts (just wants attention) or stops once the topic changes (actually beleaves in MB).

  12. I don't know about you, but I'm spent. I'm going to go mow the lawn and not think about any of this for at least an hour.

  13. Holly,

    "Maybe we could have a bunch of women hole up in Fort Knox and pass out notes indicating how many women in that fort you're entitled to, and guys could just use the notes for trade. Then we'll all sneak out and leave them trading purely fiat pussy, and no one will be the wiser."

    Check your mailbox Tuesday for your free internets. :D

  14. They're also forgetting that a large part of the world is poor, so even if 80% of guys want to give up and just use VR for the rest of their lives, bunches of them won't be able to afford the technology. They'd have to use their hand or (god forbid) find and befriend with women to get sex.

    Or they could all just go gay. Interesting that he didn't mention that as an option. If women are so manipulative and stupid and men are so much smarter and lack that Wile E. Coyote moment, why don't they all just have beta male orgies until the end of time? They wouldn't even have to worry about cuckolding or child support that way - no accidental pregnancies! And then women would stop having to worry about douchey guys hitting on them and whatnot. Win win!

  15. Well! Okay! That's over! Now I can go back to spending my spare moments doing other things on the intarwebs besides long responses to this!

    Even though I'm in my 30s and have never had a lasting relationship or sex with a woman ever, that kind of screed is just not appealing to me. Even ignoring the fact that I'm heteroflexible and can use the company of men if I get desperate enough, or the fact that I'm highly suspicious of anything which repeatedly fails basic logic, I still wouldn't care for it because my life has taught me that thinking and acting like you "deserve" something will insure that you do not get it. (Of course, that's just my life. Other people might have experienced things differently.)

  16. What I think I like best about this whole episode is that, as it turns out, the entire thing is the result of attempting to fill in step two of the following formula:

    1. Have on-demand consequence-free sex with several smoking hot women at a time who'll also cater to my every whim.

    2. ???

    3. Profit!

  17. I love how the BS troll (ha!) confuses his subject in the first (referring to himself) and then goes on to assume being an anal-slut is a terrible, horrible, orgasm-inducing, mindblowing...oh, wait. Someone's reading comprehension of previous posts on this blog is about as impressive as his attempt at 3rd grade insults. ^^

  18. I'm not really an anal slut anyway. I'm pretty guarded about my anus.

  19. Maybe we could have a bunch of women hole up in Fort Knox and pass out notes indicating how many women in that fort you're entitled to, and guys could just use the notes for trade. Then we'll all sneak out and leave them trading purely fiat pussy, and no one will be the wiser.

    Bah, a pussy-backed currency only benefits the Alphas and Bankers! I demand the Free Coinage of Oral, as the only fair solution to the needs of the common Beta!

  20. Actually, the theory is that the "poor" world will just go Eastern Congo or Bosnian Serb rape camp on teh wimmenz, because AK-47s/74s are just so available there and patriarchal warlordism is the standard form of government.

    I prefer the middle ground of secular Jerusalem in Intifada Two, where "come over and fuck me in my apartment on our first 'date'" was an acceptable solution to not being able to meet for a date in a cafe or club because of the terrorism. The local price of pussy dropped to equal value with male sexuality, functionally speaking, which meant that women were actually willing to have sex for the orgasms. All it took was total social collapse from Jihad.

  21. "...which meant that women were actually willing to have sex for the orgasms."

    Wait, what other reason would there be to...

    No, wait, never mind. I don't want to know.

  22. Ferdinand Bardamu has written about how Date Rape is a Manufactured Myth. Read the article to get educated.

    Rape is a heinous crime. It is too bad that femmroids devalue true victims, by claiming that rape happens much more than it does (again, only ugly women claim this - I have never seen an attractive woman claim to have been raped).

    Also from Ferdinand :

    Women can't handle competition or debate.

    I see some ditzy heads exploding here.

    heh heh heh

  23. Anonymous, let me be the first here to admit it:
    You win. Your work here is done. Heckuva job. Mission accomplished. Goodbye, now.

    I think I'm going to go pull weeds until it's time for class and spend some more time not thinking about this.

  24. Yeah, we get it already. You think women are spiteful, vindictive, subhuman, juvenile animals. Engaging in sex with them is utterly filthy, metaphorically equivalent to simultaneous bestiality and pedophilia. You're a sick freak for even wanting women.

    Maybe you'd be happier sucking dick instead. I'd offer you mine if you'd like to try. Or there's plenty m4m casual encounter ads on craigslist.

  25. LabRat said: 1. Have on-demand consequence-free sex with several smoking hot women at a time who'll also cater to my every whim.

    If one has this, why do you even need a step 2? And as for step 3, well, that pretty much already is pure profit. :D

  26. Perl: it's set up in the structure of the essay as an undemonstrated premise. He asserts the "Venusian Arts" get you step one.

    The part that I find so funny is that not only is he saying women are a game you can win- heck, we started with that assumption- he's saying that only by winning the Woman Game can you save the fucking world.


  27. @anonymous quoting the spearhead (and I recognize the futility in this from the start):

    let's just say, just for giggles, that Mister Bardamu is 100% accurate in that little post you linked. Let's go even further--and suppose (just for laffs, actual factitudiness aside) that nobody has ever roofied someone's drink at a party ever. And all of those women who go and drink 'till they pass out and are then raped...brought it on themselves because of their irresponsible drinking, which totally makes sticking your dick in an unconscious/insensible person not rape, right? Just like leaving your house without bars on your windows makes someone breaking them and taking your stuff not burglary, and carrying your wallet in your pocket and not locked in the safe makes it not pickpoketing and not wearing full-body-armor and then getting shot makes it not murder, right? Of course that's what you meant, right? Because that's about the only way that Mister Bardamu makes sense.

  28. "Bah, a pussy-backed currency only benefits the Alphas and Bankers! I demand the Free Coinage of Oral!"

    You shall not crucify mankind on a cross of poontang! (Although, some of them would probably enjoy it.)

  29. "Fiat pussy currency" is full of win. It made me laugh out loud.
    Also @lastnightsclothes: you win.

    Thank you for going through the aggravation of reading that heinous article to post this.

    You notice how there are no gay men in this whacked out alternate universe? Or lesbians? Whut?

  30. I want a mail order husband who washes dishes and then comes back to eat me out.