Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick break for contemplation.

I will hack through the whole Misandry Bubble, it's a personal challenge at this point, but I had a bad day and I need a sanity break.

1) I wonder how much cock there is in the world? Erect, of course. There's 6.7 billion people, so about 3.35 billion dudes. Let's figure an average cock size of 5.8 inches for adults, which gives us a starting number of 19.43 billion inches, but there's about 27% kids in the world, and I don't feel like getting too specific with my calculations there so let's just clip about 10% off the top. This gives us 17.49 billion inches. Or 276,000 miles. That's more than the distance to the moon.

The cocks of the world reach to the moon, dude.

2) Would I fuck myself? I mean, if I were magically duplicated. For a long time I thought I would, but honestly, I don't think it would be all that great. I don't think I could surprise myself, and I'm not sure I have the mojo to dominate myself. I mean, I'd do it, for the novelty value if nothing else, but I think ultimately me and myself would still have to look to the greater world for our needs.

So maybe it's hypocritical that I totally want to watch a dude fuck his own magically replicated self.

3) I'm a total sucker for the ledgey haircut. You know the one I mean? Conservatively medium-short but with a ledge. Like on Adam from Buffy. Only usually without the green stuff. That ledgey haircut looks really good on everybody. And like a third of all the guys in Boston have it, which is awesome. I get to walk down the street and I'm just surrounded by ledgey haircuts. Duuude.


  1. " let's just clip about 10% off the top."

    I see what you did there, you man-hating femmroid!


  2. I think that's the first time I've every read anyone say that they liked something about Adam; he seems like an unpopular villan (personally, I liked him).

  3. Every time you make a Buffy reference, somewhere, a nerd has an orgasm.

  4. @ Marissa: Adam and Glory were kind of crap villains from a dramatic perspective. Their personalities were kind of generic archetypes. That's okay sometimes if it's done right, but Adam's story was a bit rushed in part because he was late to the party (something like 2/3 of the way through the season if I remember right). Glory appeared like only every third episode and half of those showed her sitting around whining about things not getting done just to remind you she was still there.

    Unless you mean in looks. Hmm. I don't like green, I don't like beef, and unlike Holly, I don't like that hairstyle. Nope, not my type. If I were to pick a male character to boink based entirely on looks, I'd probably say Wesley. (I'd need to check cast photos or something to be sure, though - haven't seen the show in a very long time.) But I don't like him for other reasons.

  5. oh, I just found the context to type out loud: I love (tim burton's) beetlejuice's neck! His attitude is crap, but we're talking about looks here.

    of course I have to transform the greeny stuff on him into beard in my head for this, but it's so worth it.


  6. @Not Me

    I agree that Glory sucked, but not because she was an archetype, I just didn't find her interesting in any way. I thought Adam was funny, in a dry kind of way.

    Alexis Denisov is just stupidly good-looking. And Wesley got a lot more likeable on Angel.

  7. I'm with Marissa - more likeable and hotter, in fact. Alexis Denisof + Alyson Hannigan is like some sort of uber-couple of hotness.
    Adam was OK, but the whole Frankenstein thing seemed a bit too much of a retread without much of a new spin to me, and the way he's eventually defeated is pretty cheese-tacular.

    I suspect I'd find magically-duplicated-me really annoying. No chance of this for me :)