Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm still in the process of moving. I made some progress on my Giant Pile O' Worldly Belongings, but there's a lot left to do. I have Memorial Day off and I'm going to try and spend most of it hauling.

I was very exhausted this morning. I haven't been eating, drinking, or sleeping properly and today it got to the point where it was difficult just to walk up the stairs. I drank a full gallon of Gatorade and slept twelve hours and now I feel wonderfully comfortable-by-contrast. I'm going to ruin it again tonight and tomorrow, but after that I should be able to live comfortably (and post normally) again.

I like to name things in my life--the car is Stella, the old apartment in Washington was the Den of Sin, the guns all have names. And so I declare this apartment the Girlcave. Because it reminds me of Batman and of a vagina.


  1. Did you do all the proper crap for move guns into Massachusetts? They are kinda pissy about them.

  2. Craaap. Didja haveta talk about moving? Some stuff happened in a very short period time and if things currently stand as they are I will be having the summer from hell in regards to moving. Three, maybe four times, two moves of which will be my own. It's complicated. I hate life.

    I can certainly sympathize with your exhaustion. All the times I moved both my stuff and my mother's within 24 hours pretty much solo (my mother wouldn't help much due to her bad back, and it was too expensive to keep the moving van for 2 days), even moving the furniture all by myself, not getting enough food or sleep... ugh. Terrible.

  3. Are you restricting your apartment-naming to just your portion of the space, and if not, are you getting any resistance to the 'Girlcave' name from the other denizens of The-Apartment-Formerly-Known-As-Just-The-Apartment?

  4. Oh no, the Girlcave is just my room. I don't presume to name other people's space. Unless I think of something really funny.