Friday, October 12, 2007

Apple and Orange.

Alan is 5'7" and can kiss me without stooping. Benny is 6'1" and can beat me in a fair wrestling match. Alan is 27; Benny is 21. He's the first lover I've had who's younger than I am.

Both of them work at the same company. It's an enormous one and they don't know each other. Alan is a lower-level contract employee, drives a Civic and lives in a studio apartment. Benny is a precocious (and rather overprivileged) fast-tracker; his apartment is huge and his car has leather seats.

They live within a mile of each other. They are both huge geeks. They both have mothers in high-status professions (Alan's mom is a published author) and disabled fathers. Alan is a snotty liberal atheist and Benny is a snotty liberal Jew. Alan smells of cigarettes and whiskey; Benny always smells slightly like semen.

Alan has a slightly bigger cock and unlike Jon he's uncircumcised. Benny lasts longer although both last plenty long enough. Alan is utterly vanilla; his answer to "what do you really want, what is your deepest fantasy?" is "um, sex." Benny is a huge fucking pervert. He's a switch, a fetishist, a porn collector, a freak for butts and feet and leather and rope. He's a dirty old man thirty years early, and I love it.

I didn't realize until I wrote this how much more suitable Benny is on paper. A tall rich kinky Jew? I should be angling for marriage, dammit, not telling him "you know I'm doing another dude, right?" But I like Alan more.

He hugs more.


  1. What is up with this mushy shit? I came here for "cock bending enema bsdm schoolgirl"!

  2. I think I like the sound of Brandon the idea of a guy smelling vaguely of semen all the time, kinda grosses me out.
    Plus I have the "mom wants me to marry a rich Jew, so I think I'll marry a poor Catholic" syndrome, so I'm partial to the snotty liberal atheist. Oh yeah, and I'm bias against the name Jon.
    God I'm a bitch.

  3. I probably give away my true nature when I type things like "bsdm"....

  4. Bruno, your true nature was gived away a looong time ago. Why do you think I like you?

    And I'm trying to do a dirty post next but Jon's visiting his family in California and Brandon's with his buddies from his stupid lo-fi indie-snob band that he LOVES MORE THAN ME so I have no material.

  5. I think you'd ideally like a guy who could worship and dom you both. I dunno how hard it is to find a dom that's not an asshole, but Jon sounds like an asshole to me. Are most doms assholes?

    I'm tempted to tell you that I have one of those sweet doms, the kind that makes me breakfast in bed and gives me a backrub and then later that day handcuffs me and leaves me kneeling on the living room floor as he showers and then comes back and does that forced blowjob thing I love so much, but I'd be bragging. Oh and he picks up after himself. KEEPER!

  6. Jon's not an asshole!

    ...Well. He sort of is, but in many ways (most of which I don't tip on this blog), I'm an asshole. And he's aware of himself the same way I am of myself.

    We have a lot of conversations that go like this:
    "You're just a hobag to me."
    "You're a goddamn pervert asshole."
    "You're so ugly I wouldn't touch you if you couldn't take a flogging."
    "You're a horrible human being."
    "You're a failure."
    *passionate kissing*

    We're asshole buddies!