Monday, October 15, 2007

"It's all over the Internet."

I guess I could rant about how I've got an education and happiness and I'm going to have a family and Jesus Christ my fucking tax dollars went to this and so on, but the clip speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Also, in a universe where birth control and condoms are really quite reliable, and marriage is supposed to mean something deeper and more adult than "we can bang now!", I don't even understand why kids shouldn't. It's not just ineffective and goofy like DARE; it's ineffective, goofy, and wrong like the part of DARE where they told us that smoking pot would lead us to shooting black tar heroin between our toes.

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  1. Kinda puts a different spin on the "I learned by watching you, alright?!" PSA from the mid '90s, dunnit?