Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The "naughty" clinical rotation is optional in nursing school these days.

"You should dress up as a naughty nurse."
"Um... you mean I should wear my scrubs?"
"No! Yeek! That's not what naughty nurses wear!"
"I'm a nurse! I'm naughty!"

(Technically I'm a nursing assistant, but Alan has never grasped the subtle difference between a two-month night class that teaches you to give bedbaths and drain catheter bags and a four-year course of schooling that qualifies you to assist with surgery. He wants to call me a nurse, I'll roll with that.)

(I have a set of "Spider-Man" brand scrubs. Little webs on them and everything. Any man who would let me be his Naughty Nurse in those puppies would be my hero.)


  1. I was actually thinking about this recently. So much of the stuff guys are supposed to fantasize about doesn't exist any more -- French maids, sexy nursing outfits, etc. -- that I wondered what the next generation is going to fetishize. And how does ready access to any fetish you can think of (via the Internet) affect sexuality?

    And of course xkcd made me think of you today:

  2. Please be my naughty nurse in the Spiderman scrubs. That just crosses both my nerd/geek/dork fetish with the idea of a sexy nurse...
    Damn, super wonderful, I'm going to be smiling a very goofy, happy, wow-it's-so-cute-and-sexy-at-the-same-time, smile all day.

  3. Bruno - Pornstars? Culturally we seem to be phasing out any risk of accidental titillation (hygiene isn't the only reason we stopped wearing little white dresses) and replacing it on the other hand with outright sexuality. There's not as many people on the "sexy is an occupational hazard" line as there used to be.

    Oh man, I've done that (as in xkcd) a bunch of times. Never used Crisco for anything nastier than making pie, though.

    "Making pie" is not a euphemism.

    dorkiewitch - you are my hero.

  4. Hey, you spelled Spider-Man right this time! :D

    Also, that image is ridiculously sexy. You have crossed my naughty stereotype wires with my nerdy girl wires and produced the hottest short circuit ever.