Tuesday, October 2, 2007


"Are you ready?" he asked. I wasn't; we'd had no foreplay at all. Fucking me now would hurt. Good.

I know he likes me on top so I started to straddle him but he pushed me back, onto my back, down under him. I felt his finger in me and an instant later his cock. It was... uncomfortable, my mind wanted him but my pussy was clenched tight. I couldn't tell if he could feel it, I was too amazed by the pain/pleasure from his thrusts.

At first it was ordinary, thrust thrust thrust; I could feel myself opening with each one and he grunted softly in his rhythm. Then he paused for a second, just barely teasing. and suddenly slammed the full length of his cock inside me. Ow, and ahh. He did it again. I'm a noisy fuck; I was certainly moaning and probably screaming and the fucker did it again. I had my legs wrapped around him with my heels crossed on his ass, my hands gripping his biceps so hard there would be marks afterwards, and pushing up into him as best I could I begged him to not play any more games. Just fuck me.

He did, and I came, and while I went limp and panting he was still hard and still going. I didn't ask for a chance to recover, didn't say "I'm too sensitive right now," just braced my legs against the mattress so I could fuck him back. I had clarity for a moment and he didn't, and I watched him get fucked. His eyes were locked somewhere above me and to the left, a thousand yards away. Sweat was breaking out on his forehead and he had an oddly determined look on his face.

The gameplaying was out of him now and he was just thrusting as hard and fast as he could manage; the rhythm now was what he needed. He started moaning and I could feel the muscles in his legs tighten. His orgasm lasted a long time; it wasn't one explosion but a series of spurts, each one making him squeeze his eyes shut and gasp.

He collapsed on top of me, and we fell asleep like that, sweaty, entwined.


  1. I think I know what I'm killing batteries to later...j/k..kinda...

  2. Yeah...glad you had fun....

    In the midst of my already-spectacular loserdom, I found this: http://www.symtoys.com/onyx.html I have no idea how much use it gets, but no way is it going to be used in this house....

  3. Holy crap, Bruno! My boyfriend and I used to play that when I was sixteen! It was a little impractical though because it doesn't provide a realistic sexual flow (no one wants to follow a long, deep, but not to completion blowjob by kicking back and having a nice footrub), but it was kind of a fun way to get things started.

    The "get on top of him, penetrate yourself, but don't thrust!" card was my favorite.

  4. That card did sound, um, kinda...fun?

    I think it reflects my submissive personality that I like the idea of games forcing me to do things. I'm glad to know you had fun with it as a couple, but I came across it in a reference to ways to get group sex going. As if....

  5. I always come back to this post...