Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hitting the wall.

The difficulty with keeping a personal sex blog, I'm finding out, is that sex isn't really all that interesting. How many variations can I find on:

"I went to a dude's house and we smooched then took our clothing off. Then he touched my breasts and I touched his penis, then he touched my vagina. Then he hit me some because I'm psycho. Then he put his penis in my vagina, then took it partway out, then put it all the way back in, a whole bunch of times until we were done. Then I had angst."

As far as acts, there's really only so far I go. (Well, I did get forced to eat my own menstrual blood last night [seriously, no joke], but do you really want to hear about that? Possibly you do. There was nothing physically unpleasant or horrifying about it at all except for the little voice screaming "WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!?" in my head. I think there's a tiny nun in there.) It's not possible for me to do anything that hasn't been done before, and unless you're eight years old and homeschooled it's not possible for me to do anything you haven't heard about before.

But sex was never about acts. Sex is about people and emotions and politics and creativity, and those are very deep wells, even within the boundaries of my own little life. "Hey he got it up my ass" may not be interesting, but "why do we feel the way we do about asses?" has endless potential.

Or maybe I should just post moar tits.


  1. Actually, eating your own menstrual blood is a new one to me.

  2. Really? Wow. Sheltered.

    I'm not a disgusting person, dammit! I'm a nice sweet clean person who happens to do disgusting things! And I brushed my teeth really well after, besides.

    (I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the tiny nun.)

  3. Well, sheltered as someon who knows about /b/, icy mikes, tubgirl, and goatse can be, I suppose.

  4. "The difficulty with keeping a personal sex blog, I'm finding out, is that sex isn't really all that interesting..."

    ...she said just before posting four brilliant, creative, insightful, and funny posts about hubris and Sharpies, bondage and summer camp fun, novelty and the limits of escalation, and compassion for those who may not experience as much variety between sex and self-sex.

    What am I going to do with you, Holly? One of the brightest young minds in sex blogging and this persistent belief that you'd be good if you could only crank out more "...needless to say he was..." wank material. (Kids these days!)


  5. Figleaf - You are way, way, way too kind.

    But thank you. :)

  6. I'm totally with Figleaf. I can't get over the fact that you're 22 and write so well, great writing style, you keep your posts short (one of my pet peeves are bloggers who write super long posts with dense text) and have great ideas. Don't tell me you're going to burn out and abandon the blog! I can see this one getting big. It deserves it anyway.

  7. TBK - Oh, don't worry, I can't quit. I'm a compulsive journaler who has to have three paragraphs of deep insights every time I eat a sandwich. I've had a main blog for about six years now (sorry, no link, it's got my real identity all over the place and I'm trying to be a little bit Clark Kent with this), but some of the readers there didn't want to hear about my vagina so I spun this one off.

    Anyway, I will never stop blogging, because I can't think a thing and not write it. As long as I've got a sex life, I'll have a sex blog.

    And of course, thank you kindly for the nice words. :)

  8. Well, I, for one, never get tired of scrolling through your fuckjournal to see what I'm going to fap to today. I don't really understand why a sex journal would need to be any more than just that: sexy.

    ... i sound like a total creeper.