Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I'm getting better at it.

I undressed Benny completely and left my own clothing on. Just a t-shirt and slacks, not exactly skin-tight black leather. I tied Jon's hands together above his head, his legs tight together. I blindfolded him, which is a bigger bondage than the ropes; not knowing what's coming drives me crazy.

I didn't say much to him either. Just started by feeling up his whole body. Not harshly really, just sizing him up. I like to get the feel of a man, it's more fun than looking and it's very easy to do when he can't move. Squeeze the muscles, stroke the skin, find the birthmarks. And my hands ended on his cock, stroking him to erection, going a little beyond that until the point where his hips started making little involuntary thrusty motions, and then stopping.

The point isn't just to get him turned on, it's to get him turned on enough that he can appreciate a little pain. I slapped his thighs, pinched his nipples, rolled him over and hit his ass. I'm a pretty sturdy girl; I can hit as hard as I need to, and the real game is judging his reaction. If it's not hard enough, he's stoic; hard enough, he gasps and moans; too hard, and he'll yelp. Being on the very edge between gasp and yelp is a lovely feeling. I took off my belt.

A belt is something you really have to be careful with, especially if your bottom is, like Benny, not so psychotically commited to masochism that they'd enjoy any amount of pain. I used it in a way that felt light, like I was barely touching with it, and it left long red stripes and made him groan like he was getting fucked. His cock was hard as hell.

Before the pain could tire him out, I got undressed and I got on that cock. I didn't do a lot of kissing and I didn't need a lot of foreplay; I planted my knees around his hips, my hands on his shoulders, and I rode him hard. He was begging. I was fucking him already and he was just begging for more, whatever that even means. He was begging to come. I made him.

Afterwards, when he was untied and I was collapsed next to him on the bed, he told me it was the first time he'd had sex to completion in two years. (Kind of a picky point on his part since we'd had tons of sex and tons of orgasms, he had just technically not had an orgasm during intercourse.) I hadn't known that.

In some strange abstract way it made me sad.

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  1. I understand and sympathize with your sadness. Try not to hold it against him.