Monday, March 24, 2008

Birds and Bees.

When I was four years old my mother got pregnant with my little sister. Naturally I asked how it'd happened, and she gave me an admirably matter-of-fact and unembarrassed description of the basics.

My first reaction was "Why didn't you let me watch?"

I was slightly hurt really; I felt that making my sister was an important family event, and as such, the whole family ought to have been included.


  1. I'm a little surprised the fembots haven't started trashing the rest of you entries. But I'm significantly more than a little disappointed that they haven't, because their responses to this would undoubtedly be hi-larious!

    Sincerely, a privileged light-skinned capitalistic testes-bearing heterosexual oppressor/rapist.

  2. Bruno - I'm way disappointed they haven't. The post immediately previous to the contentious one seems like absolutely prime "look, she's a brainless manslave, hate and pity her!" material, but no one seems to have found it.

    (And the great part is that I could add in that the entire scene was planned in advance and most of the elements were my ideas, and they wouldn't understand why that makes a difference.)

    God, I don't even know why I'm talking to you, you've got a penis and you sometimes disagree with me--fuck off and go back to beating your slaves, Hitler.

  3. When you asked why you couldn't watch, what was the answer?

    I'm curious. I hope to have children one day, and I like perspective. I don't want my children to have foolish guilt placed on them, but I do want them protected by a strong sense of boundaries- their own, and those of others.

    Holly, I'm pretty sure I haven't told you today that I love you. How about now? :-) xxoo

  4. J.R. - She wasn't too badly fazed, actually; she just told me that it's a private thing that people do late at night with their door closed.

    It's worth mentioning that she could afford to be all honest and open when I was four, but when I hit puberty the story changed a bit. When I have kids I hope I'm able to tell them "No babies, no diseases, and only do it if you want sex, not because someone else wants you to or because you want popularity or love" rather than "You can't close your door with a boy in your room!"

    And aww, I love you too! Whoever you are!

  5. I know this post is ancient, but damn. I had to comment because I asked the exact same thing. I wonder how common that is.

    For the record, my mother's reaction, and my re-reaction were almost the same too. She wasn't mad or anything, I think she laughed. But I could tell she was taken aback by what I said, and I didn't understand why, since it seemed totally logical at the time.

    Well, to be honest I still can't find a flaw in my logic. Although some of my premises were a little off, thanks to receiving incomplete information.