Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scene from Sixteen Years Old.

"Holy shit, someone put horse porn on the network!"
"That's horrible... open it up!"

It was a woman under a stallion, somewhat awkwardly guiding the tip of the horse's massive penis into her vagina. Was that illegal? I think it wasn't in Washington at the time--this was before Mr. Hands.

"God, that's horrible. Is that real? Is that going to hurt her?"
"Jesus, this is disgusting."
"I can't believe this exists."
"Ew ew ew."
"I think I need to have sex with you right now."


  1. Mr. Hands?

    This is a perfect follow-up to your rant about porn. I like how you made it impossible to tell who was saying what.

  2. Bruno - Mr. Hands was the pseudonym of a man who died from intestinal damage after having sex with a horse on video. It happened in Enumclaw, right near here, and led to Washington passing an anti-bestiality law.

    I don't think it really matters who says what, except for the last line, which is blatantly me.

  3. Question for you: What makes something a "fetish"?

  4. Bruno - In Abnormal Psych terms, it's a fetish when you can't get properly aroused without it. By the psychological definition, liking to kiss feet is not a foot fetish; the inability to enjoy sex with someone who won't do footplay is a fetish.

    However, in colloquial usage it's a little fuzzier. I'd define it as "a sexual obsession with something most people would not be aroused by." That definition has holes, I know, (if you want to play games you could probably fit homosexuality into it) but it's the best I can think of.

    ...So why do you ask? It's okay to tell me about your special pony friend. We don't have to live a lie.

  5. Heh, I have a very similar experience with that kinda porn in my youth....

  6. I typically think of myself as without fetishes but wondered whether I might simply have defined "fetish" in a way that excluded me. (I knew the psychological term; I wanted your take on the common definition.)

    Part two: What's "kink"?

  7. Maja - One of the wonderful things I've learned from this blog is that no matter how bizzare you think your experience was, someone else has had the same one.

    Bruno - Without specifics it's a bit hard to say, but as a general rule (I'm pulling out of my ass here, FYI) you don't have a "breast fetish" unless you're attracted to breasts so extreme that other people would find them distorted, or in sex you focus on the breasts to the near-exclusion of all else. Fetish isn't just liking--it's obsessing to the point where you violate a social norm.

    "Kink" doesn't really mean anything except "not the boringest sex I can possibly imagine." A lot of the time I use "kink" as shorthand for "BDSM," but it can really refer to any nonstandard sex.

    What constitutes "nonstandard" is incredibly fuzzy, probably ends up involving more people than the supposed "standard," and I'm not sure I can define it beyond a pathetic "I know it when I see it."

  8. I thought I had put the memory of seeing that out of my memory and now it is back, and that is not a good thing. Thanks a fucking lot.