Monday, March 3, 2008

On my knees.

It's simply the most comfortable way to suck cock, isn't it? Kneeling before a standing man. Nothing to do with prayer, supplication, submission; it puts my mouth at cock height and his cock at mouth angle and that's all it means.

But the truth is sometimes it is about submission, about kneeling while he stands, about his hand on the back of my head and his hips thrusting forward faster and further than I would dare let him if I had control.

And sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's about seeing him go weak in the knees and nearly lose his balance and be forced to make me stop even though he doesn't want me to stop.

And sometimes it's just about not having to walk all the way to the bed or the sofa when he's just greeted me at the door and I want to do it now.

The one thing it's never about is him and not me. It may only be his genitals but it's both of our bodies. I'm acutely aware of his taste, his shape, every tiny reaction of his body, and I fucking love it.

A blowjob isn't a gift. It's sex.


  1. In this dude's (limited) experience, blowjobs feel better when your heads are pointing the same direction, too. Having the tongue under the glans seems to make a difference.

  2. Bruno - I'll take your word on that although it can be an awkward angle when you're both lying down. (Not as awkward, however, as trying to do it from the side, which is how I first realized that penises are not perfect cylinders but are actually quite a bit wider sideways.)

    But yes. That is yet another very good reason to do it standing up.