Thursday, March 27, 2008

The State of the Blog.

A logo! I hope it's not too eye-burning; as I use my newfound free time to give this blog an actual visual style it's probably going to change anyway. Pretty much the only thing I'm sure of is that I'll never put anything non-work-safe (well, other than "PERV" in jillion-point lettering) on the front page.

Mission reevaluation! This is my personal sex journal.
Personal: It's primarily about my experiences. Mostly because that's all I really know; when I try to generalize about others I always find I'm wrong, but when I share my own life I find out how much I have in common with people. And also because it's simply my personal outlet, a safe way to tell my secrets.

Sex: I only want to write about politics or Internet drama when they involve sexuality--not because sex is the most important thing in the world, but because it's the most important thing on this blog. This is a feminist's blog, but it is not a feminism blog. Nor is it exactly an erotic blog; although I'm quite happy to hear that my writing (or, rarely, photography) is sexy and you have my permission to enjoy it any way you like, I don't generally write with the intention of getting undies damp.

Journal: Technically, a blog is a collection of external links and commentary, whereas a journal is original writing. I'm definitely a journal and happy to be so. It's not solipsism, it's mission focus, dammit.

Comment policy! Unless they are extremely disruptive (i.e., posting personal information or flood-posting, not merely disagreeing), I will not delete comments. Comments only reflect upon their authors, so if someone wants to use my blog as a venue to tell the world that they're mean or stupid, they're welcome to. I try to reply to all comments.

Blogroll! Needs serious rewriting to include more of my friends and fewer big generic blogs. If have a suggestion (including yourself) please let me know, although no promises.



  2. "There may be an aggressive reaction, which is almost unendurable and results in crying out, scratching, or biting."

    That sentence is making me feel all warm and wistful...

  3. Yup, I noticed the logo right off. Lookin' good!


  4. I just found your blog (through REN) and have already fallen in love with it. Keep up the good work.

  5. Now I am jealous of the new look. I tried putting up a logo in the banner the other day, but it looked nowhere nears as good as the one you have up.Now the look is almost up to par with the context.

  6. Holly, can you email me at I have a proposal for you :)