Saturday, March 8, 2008

Prep work.

Shower. Shave all body hair as thoroughly as possible. Dry and straighten hair.

Clean toys. Coil rope. (Or do that cool chainy thing where it looks like a big messy knot but it all comes apart neatly with one pull--I don't know what to call it but I like to do it.) Pack toybag.

Select underwear: skeezy, matching, easy to remove, and preferably not ones that he's seen 50 times before.

Select outer clothing: feminine, only subtly skeezy, easy to remove.

Avoid eating for a few hours before.

Plan out at least the rudiments of a scene if he wants to bottom.

Makeup. Perfume.

I don't go through this for Alan. I try to be clean and all, but I pretty much show up as I am for him and any other "regular" guys. It's only when I have a date with Benny that I always do a full ritual preparation beforehand. I'm not even sure if he really appreciates it. I could sigh and go "Oh, the things I do for that man," but really... I don't think I'm doing them for him.


  1. "That cool chainy thing where it looks like a big messy knot" is probably a Daisy Chain: a series of slip knots tied into each other. You can keep doing it if you pull it tight, and get the whole thing into a giant tangle. Good fun.