Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've noticed I tend to think of penis size in terms of soda containers.

"Hung like a Coke can."
"Hung like a Monster Energy drink."
"Hung like a Red Bull."
"Hung like a two-liter."


  1. Those are all, uh, generous...sizes for human genitalia.


  2. Bruno - Not Red Bull! And there are other possibilities, like old-fashioned Coke bottles or 16-oz. I think the full range of human genitalia can be described (in dimensions if not precise shape) by carbonated drink containers.

  3. As long as you never have occasion to use the soda-bottle gummy candies as a metric.

    Eeeeeensy little things.

  4. Lovelybones - Not so far, but it's a good addition to the arsenal.

    Oh, and those weird "energy shots" they sell at gas stations! That would be another good small one.

  5. This analogy is inspiring my adolescent muse, and I can no longer suppress it. What happens when you shake it up first? Or stick in a Mentos? Have you ever found a prize under the cap? Have you ever laughed so hard it's come out your nose? Or belched after swallowing? Do you prefer twist-offs or pop-tops? Can you drink all of a two-liter in one sitting? Ever finished off a six-pack by yourself? When they're empty, do you recycle?

    I also want to know what flavors you've been drinking.

  6. Bruno - Hee. :)

    I like it when they come with a six-pack.

    And when they foam over! But you can prevent that if you just give 'em a couple sharp taps on the corner of the table.

  7. Gads.

    You've been... fortunate.

    I can match a Red Bull tin (and not the supersize one) on a good day and where I come from I'm considered *huge*

    I think my girlfriend would want to be introduced to some of your boyfriends :-)