Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hostile Work Environment.

So apparently it's okay for the girls at work to read and laugh at Cosmo together, and it's okay to read the sexy articles out loud and even relate them to your own sex life, but it's not okay to comment that "fuzzy handcuffs are for wimps."

I'm feeling very marginalized right now.


  1. It actually isn't very nice to tell people they're wimps. How about "fuzzy handcuffs are so boring"?

  2. Society shuns salaciousness.

  3. Seriously,people actually use those fuzzy handcuffs? Don't they realize that takes part of the pleasure out of it?

  4. Larus - I tend to trust that the people I talk to are not made of delicate strands of emotional glass. It's not like I was literally calling them cowards. (They don't even use the fuzzy ones, we were just talking about it and they were all "oh fuzzy handcuffs that's so daring and dirty," and dammit, I know a good opening for one-up-manship when I see it.)

    Owen - Society shuns sincere salaciousness. Fine to giggle and innuendo about sex for hours, no good to actually talk about it.

    Bruno - Good.

    Matty - Seriously.

  5. I tend to think people are pretty delicate when something as intimate as their own sexual life is being discussed. But if they weren't even using the fuzzy handcuffs themselves, then I agree they shouldn't get so upset about it.

  6. I agree with Larus - sneering at something that isn't as "hardcore" (or whatever) as what you prefer is kind of attention-seeking and rude.

    A lot of people like a little bit of restraint without pain, so what's the problem with soft handcuffs? Might not be what YOU like, but do you sneer at them when they say what they're having for dinner and it's not something you like much?

  7. The advantage to fuzzy handcuffs is the quick sharp thrill of sudden restraint, IME.

    I like rope much better, but it takes longer.