Monday, April 7, 2008


I haven't seen Benny in a while and I'm fairly sure I'm not going to. Much as it pains me to admit it, the fucking fantastic bondage sex isn't worth the "THIS IS A NO EMOTIONS ZONE, YOU BETTER NOT BE HAVING AN EMOTION THERE MA'AM" bullshit.

Which puts me on the market again. Or the semi-market, because I've still got and love Alan for cuddlywuddly purposes, but when it comes to rough stuff his repertoire's pretty much limited to gently pinching a nipple and then saying "I'm sorry." I'm in the market for a part-time, non-monogamous but warm dominant/sadist who doesn't take this stuff too seriously. (In the Seattle area. Email me.)

Assuming my readership isn't that broad, I guess I'm going to have to do all the tiresome getting-yourself-out-there shticks that I really don't miss from singlehood. Munches, parties, the naughty personals, sheez. I'm sorry to sound so down on it, but man-hunting combines two of my least favorite things: pretending to be outgoing (I'm not unfriendly, but I'm very awkward with strangers) and being judged on my body. I know there's a lot of people and especially BDSM people who don't mind a tummy, but at the same time I feel like "redhead, 22, wants to be your hittyslut" would be a much easier sell than "redhead, 22, 170 pounds, wants to be your hittyslut."

Ah well. I'm a young kinky woman in a kinky town and I'm not much fussy, I suspect this won't be so hard. I'll let you know how it goes. In detail.


  1. A great many men have lost fantastic women because of the No Emotions bullshit. I am sorry that Jon gets to join their ranks.

    It is some serious retrograde bullshit that they just assume a woman is going to fall in love with them just from the sex, or than any affection at all leads to falling in love . . . Really, if they don't want any emotion at all why do they even bother with another human?

    Don't worry about the tummy, you're a cutie and you'll probably find someone willing in 2.5 nanoseconds. :)

  2. Jon is probably worried about having feelings for you. He's clearly an ass, and I'm glad to see you taking this step.

    I'm pretty confident you'll find a better replacement.

  3. Glad to see you backing away from Jon; dude sounded like an ass.

    And now you get to get back out into the great(yeah) big(little) world(right) of the BDSM "community". Hope yours is better than the ones I've run into. :)

  4. Good fucking riddance, sez I. What you were getting there wasn't (to borrow a term) "feminist-positive sex", not because of the kink aspect but because, IMO, you weren't a real person to Jon, you were a convenience.

    I'm with Invisible Spinster and Bruno in being confident you'll have little trouble finding a far better partner - you're in a great location for it, from what I've seen (and, given your employment, it'd have to be) a significant portion of your 170 lbs is muscle, and you have hair color on your side. And, unless you're misrepresenting the details of your encounters (which I don't think for a minute!), you're, um, expressive.

    So instead of saying, "good luck with the search", I'll say, "have fun with it"!