Friday, April 11, 2008

It took me forever to figure this out.

If you want to know if your housemates can hear your vibrator, don't pay attention to how loud it is when it's two feet away from your head. Turn it on max, set it down, walk out of the room, close the door, and then see if you can hear it. It's surprising how much difference this makes.

However if you ever make noises in response to your vibrator you're doomed and can only masturbate when everyone else is out of the house, because "probably just some distant highway noise" never goes "oooohhh."


  1. Also, I would advise people that bed springs are quite audible through drywall... even when it's just one person.

  2. If only more people were so courteous. There is (are?) a surprising amount of women who don't care about disturbing neighbors.

  3. Anon - too true. When I was a wee pervert my mother once commented "you must have a lot of trouble sleeping; I always hear you tossing and turning in bed." I said "yep, that's me, total insomniac," through my shame but I don't think anyone was fooling anyone.

    Owen - courtesy nothing, I just want to be able to show my face in the morning.