Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I touch myself.

My sexuality works totally differently when I masturbate compared to when I have sex. Having sex, I like a lot of penetration and not much clit stimulation, and I have multiple orgasms fairly quickly. Masturbating, I rub my clit, take quite a few minutes, come once, and fall asleep. Even if I stay awake, I have absolutely no desire to continue after the first orgasm, and it feels uncomfortable to try.

The weird thing is, although I know I've joked about it a few posts back, I actually can't watch porn and masturbate. Nor can I use a large dildo or buttplug. If I do, I come instantly and can't go on. Setting myself all up for a nice fancy masturbation--moving the computer monitor next to the bed, getting out and lubing the best toys, getting into a really fantastically horny mood--always ends in thirty seconds of disappointment. I'm a premature ejaculator. (Not literally.)

So when I'm alone I use only my hand, and only my imagination, because it's the only way to get more than an instant of enjoyment out of it.

When I'm with a partner I go "prematurely" too, but unlike when I'm alone, I can do it again. And again...


  1. I don't believe you. Video evidence would change that.

  2. Matty - Believe what you wanna believe, man.

  3. Ah don't want anybody else... When I think about you I touch mah-self... Ohh ah don't want, aaanybody else, oh no, oh no, oh no...

    You see what your post title has made me sing?

  4. Owen - I laaahve myself, I want you to love me. When I feel dahwn, I want you abaahve me. Ah forget mahself, ah want you to remahnd me.

    ...What the hell is that accent from, the Boston part of Texas?

  5. Now, now, it wasn't that bad.


    Was it?