Monday, April 21, 2008


I just started going to a new gym which has hip abducter/adducter machines. (And not a single ab-crunch bench that I can use; apparently only 6-foot-tall people need to do crunches? Oh well, I can do 'em on the floor mat like some sort of pre-technological cavewoman.) That's really good for me, because I have an old hip injury that could use some work, so I got going on the hip exercises, and...

...oh my. Those machines make you feel the burn in interesting places. There's something about having your legs widely spread and clenching the muscles in your groin and ass that makes you think of things other than your health.

And the look of the machines.

It cries out for a couple of strategic d-rings.


  1. Um.

    Unsurprisingly, I'm thinking about this.

  2. Bruno - Even jaded as I am, I don't think those pictures and the word "unsurprising" belong anywhere near each other.

  3. There was a movie in the 80s called Perfect, which starred John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis. It was about a Rolling Stone Magazine writer and his exploits with a girl who worked in a health spa (what they were called at the time).

    There's a line in the flick, I can't remember who said it or where it was, but it was definitely about this machine.

    Funny that you picked it too... (grin)

  4. You mean I surprised you?


  5. Bruno - Holly thoughts be that Holly too busy Saving Lives to read seven pages of wank, but this creepy, creepy man have good (sadly misunderstood) basic idea.

    Holly would wear green button. Holly like sex, attention. You are knowing this, yes?

    Holly think that as long as red button available, lack of button constitute red, and green still get asked, there nothing wrong with concept and would make for funtimes.

    Holly however believe that men need wear buttons too because Holly enjoy to touch the men.

    Finally, Holly roll eyes and sigh superiorly at all this going on at cons. This explains both why project exist and why project not work, in fell swoop.

  6. And in a way, Holly offended that people offended by this. If it not work as intended, if boobies grabbed without explicit verbal permission, or if green-wearers subjected to feeding frenzy, or somesuch, Holly understand offense. But if issue is people just not want other women offering boobies, people need to get noses out of other women's beeswax.

  7. Oh, hell, and I thought The Perv was a place where I could get away from that mess.

    I have to disagree strongly with you on one point: it being at a con is part of why it could come as close as it did to working. In fact, from what I could tell, while there were some problematic issues, it mostly did work when and where it happened; the "not working" part comes of The Ferret's creepy account of the event, and what seems to be the whole damn InterNet dogpiling onto it. (Obviously, too much of "my" InterNet consists of blogs and forums that concern themselves with one or more of feminism, sex, and SF fandom.)