Monday, April 6, 2009

"Adjustable Posture Collar"?!?

I'm hopelessly amused by the picture and copy on this bondage-gear website. For high-protocol training and/or high-speed impacts! I have this great idea for a scene where I put the collar on her and then I strap her whole body to a board and tie her wrists together and tape her head down...

(I'm not entirely sure you can "train" someone's collar height, that has a lot more to do with bone structure than obedience, but whatever floats your crazyboat, I guess.)

I notice they've adjusted the pricing to reflect the BDSM market, too. I can save you fifteen bucks.

P.S.: Dang, I might need to order these, I didn't realize they were so cheap. Even the good ones are downright reasonable.


  1. People are weird. People and sex are doubly weird. And yes, you are paying the pervert tax. Some people will make anything obsessional and grueling. Kinda defeats the point of sex, IMHO, but these same folks have the same attitude to the SCA, so go figure. It must work for them, somehow.

  2. One of my co-workers sto... i mean accidentally forgot a pair of those in her pocket. She says they're on her headboard and work great.

  3. Interesting. My past experience with urban mass-casualty means that in practice, I find being back-boarded tremendously comforting. Of course, I'm a sub, so that may have something to do with it.

  4. Eurosabra - Very interesting. Most people with kyphosis can't be backboarded well at all and would experience a lot of discomfort in the attempt.

  5. I guess I'm more sub than I thought. I enjoy being backboarded, put in a KED, or used in any other way as a demonstration prop for EMT splinting and immobilization. I could never figure out quite why. I seriously thought I was just a little weird. Now I guess I have a better handle on it.