Sunday, April 26, 2009


CFNM is a fetish interest in "clothed female, naked male." It's a femdom thing, not an exhibitionist thing--the idea isn't "hey ladies lookit my wiener" so much as "hey slave get out your wiener." Here's a very NWS site that illustrates. ("CMNF" doesn't seem to be as much of a distinct fetish, although it certainly happens in maledom. And in society, grumble grumble...) I'd heard of CFNM before but I got really thinking about it today.

I can't decide whether to love it or hate it. On the one hand, I love the idea of good-looking men submitting to objectification and ogling. CFNM porn, although aimed mostly at straight men, seems to break the mold of the ass-ugly or invisible male pornstar--all the CFNM models I've seen have been cute as hell, which is awesome. Somehow this seems more like real submission than femdom porn where the women are wearing crotchless nippleless leather fishnet getup things--the male submissives are the only ones sacrificing their dignity for once.

And it's acknowledging that women actually enjoy looking at cute naked men! From the men's perspective even! This is awesome!

On the other hand... the thought I have looking at a lot of these pictures is "gosh, if he was naked in front of me I wouldn't be leaving my clothes on." Even as they show women enjoying the sight of wang, the CFNM porn also seems to buy a little into the whole "women don't really like getting fucked" mentality. The women seem more amused by the naked men than aroused by them. "Dance for my pleasure, boy" just isn't as fun if there's no actual, y'know, pleasure.

There seems to be a running theme in BDSM imagery, CFNM and otherwise, that women are humiliated by being fucked and men are humiliated by not being fucked. That if I had total control over a horny slaveboy, I'd use that control to deny him my pussy. And... hell no. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a femdom, but if I had a slaveboy, the poor guy would have friction burns.

CFNM makes for some awful cute pictures, but I think NFNM is more my style.


  1. hum... I don't know how I feel about that. On the one hand, YAY for cute male nudity! I'm very happy to see more than just women have figured out we ladies like to look at hot men. It makes me very sad, on the other hand, that they (porn, men, the media) haven't figured out we ALSO like to fuck hot men... Why is this always such a stretch?? Looking at hot men does not amuse me, it turns me on!

    I'm with you Holly, if I had a slave boy at my disposal, Id fuck him still he coudln't fuck no more. :D

  2. yeah... I can see the appeal. It isn't really my kind of thing, but it is kind of hot. For me the question it begs is: Where did they find these cute guys and why aren't more of them doing more porn? If you look around a bit, there are cute, non-surgically altered, non-skanky girls doing porn and looking like they enjoy it; but the guys all seem to look like mutants (of one variety or another, and not in the good way!). I can't be the only one on the internet who wants to see attractive male-female couples having fun having sex together!?!

  3. I think it's because, like most porn, it's ALL about the guy. Guy gets off on being humiliated, teased, therefore she's not fucking him and the fantasy would be ruined if she DID. It's not for women- as with the passive receptacles in the duller brand of mainstream porn, she's there more as a prop than because they're trying to get female viewers.

  4. Bottom line? Holly needs to make porn.

  5. Having looked through all of those, the scenarios are totally ridic. Like the one about the guys who goes to court, or the boxing reporter who mercilessly teases the athletes' cum-filled balls. Absurd.

    However, it appears as though these CFNM narratives aren't just about men being humiliated by being denied sex, but the "humiliation" in the stories takes a bunch of different forms -- there's no actual fucking, but sometimes they're being forced to jack off, or having their precious anal virginity stolen by an evil penetration machine.

    So this porn isn't from women's POV, because it's designed to cater to guys' humiliation fetish. But it seems like there could still be a lot for women to enjoy -- because everyone loves watching guys jack off (don't they??).

  6. Great post- I have the same conundrum with CFNM porn- the guys are gorgeous and they get camera focus (if I want to get that, I usually have to go to gay porn).

    I do wish there were sites devoted explicitly to girls- clothed or otherwise- watching and encouraging men to jack off in front of them. BDSM stuff is fine and dandy, but I'd like to see CFNM porn without the humiliation/force aspect- just girls smiling (not laughing derogatorily!) and joyfully watching and spurring him onward in a way that's positive.

    That'd be hot for me.

    1. As a guy I agree with this, much of the CFNM porn is clearly tailored to guys and what turn THEM on, not the women watching. I'd also like to see more CFNM content where the guy simply jerk off for them as a show more than the humiliation thingy. I'd also like to do that to a group of women myself, so far I've done it for my girlfriend and two of her female friends at the same time, but a group of 10 or something would be awesome.

    2. I endorse 100% what you say. I'm a guy who likes to rise to the occasion when appreciative ladies offer verbal encouragement. I'm not into BDSM but the fact i'm naked and jacking is mildly humiliating which makes me come. Otherwise i don't get the same sensation or final release..

  7. CFNM isn't for women. It may be touted as female friendly because the women keep their clothes on, but that's sly advertising. It's just another male dominated porn flavor - in this case, it's all about the man who likes being ogled, pseudo humiliated but actually admired by many women, then jacked off by more than two sets of hands. As many women have noted (and men often don't seem to realize), that's sure as hell NOT a satisfying sexual experience for us. And so the search for porn that will rivet a woman to the screen endlessly continues.

  8. As a male CFNM fetishist and (paradoxically?) would-be-feminist I can say that, for me at least, you're spot on. It's got nothing to do with women's sexuality, it's all about me wanting sexual attention without having to do anything to earn it. It's all about me getting off, and in most fantasies, the female counterpart(s) may not orgasm at all. The appeal is imagining that women are so enamored of my body, they'll delight in doing all manner of nasty things to it without me having to take any initiative.

    So... yeah.

  9. I am a man who fantasizes a lot about CFNM. I have to agree with Gwen. I think more about that type of CFNM than dominating women. The only problem is most men who are into this won't ever have their fantasy fulfilled.

    But even in the type of CFNM holly presents the vulnerability of the male should be the focus. This is integral.

  10. As a male model, I have appeared nude before all female and mixed groups; often, but not always, as the only nude. I am perfectly confortable with this and it does, at least in the non mixed group, appear to qualify as CFNM. While it may involve some sexual aspects, in many groups it is pure entertainment or artistic work. There is always the potential for "human contact" to develop into something more. lack of clothing may lead to the process but people with clothes on have found each other attractive since Eve put on the fig leaf.
    I am happy to have people enjoy the presence and full display of my body in the way they feel best about.

  11. Women in clothes appeals more to me...