Friday, April 3, 2009


Today I was fixing a piece of big metal equipment, squatting next to it with pliers and a wrench and a lot of stupid-frickin-thing-argh grumbling. Cute Coworker was nearby, sitting down and doing paperwork. A total stranger, a woman, walked by and saw us. "You're just letting her do that?" she asked CC.

(No, she wasn't kidding. She even came over to me and asked if I was "okay.")

It was all kinds of weird.


  1. Sometimes I feel bad about just sitting here while you do all the writing.

    But laziness always trumps patriarchy.

  2. Really? Really??

    Omg, that's SO weird!

    I also find this funny because it reminds me of my current relationship. If there's something mechanical/physical that needs fixing, I'm going to be the one working on it. Now, if I need our computer network fixed, or if I need spellcheck, I'll ask my man. heh.

  3. DG - It's a no-win anyway. If you "let" me do the hard work in your stead, you're taking advantage of me and that's terrible. If you push me aside and do it yourself, you think I'm incompetent and that's terrible.

  4. One of the ladies I'm involved with is *great* in the garage. We work together well - I don't feel the need to outperform/better her, and she has nothing to prove to me. It's a blast to work with her.

    There is nothing hotter, in my book. Several times I've wanted to close the garage door and just -take- her... all sweaty and greasy...


    yeah. hot.

  5. Please tell me this woman was old. Or at least from a different culture. I could understand it then.