Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free entertainment in the cafeteria.

Today I discovered the distaff equivalent of a woman licking a popsicle: a man eating a pudding cup without a spoon.

(My rib is probably just bruised; it's certainly tender but it's more of a ":(" pain than an "AUGH" and I was able to work today. So yay.)


  1. THAT is funny as hell! I myself have been guilty of eating a cup of yogurt without a spoon: I wonder how many cheap (thrills? chills? spills?) I provided.

    A bruised rib beats the shit out of a cracked one, though it still hurts. Do you at least have a big purple bruise to show for it?

  2. Yikes, Holly. I'm prone to sprained ribs so my head's up would be to take it easy even if it doesn't hurt too bad right away. In my experience the inflammation, and therefore the pain, always seems to take several days to peak.

    Meanwhile off to find some yogurt containers. It sounds like fun.


  3. As a non-heteronormative individual, I protest the implication that men can't also appear to be of salacious disposition from licking a popsicle.

  4. Hmmmm = "distaff" equals female, from the old separation of work by gender rules, in which spinning thread (a distaff is a spinning tool) was coded as "feminine." (As your favorite hand weaver about that.)

    I cannot think of a word that functions similarly to mean "male."


  5. Anonymous and Chas - I can address both your concerns with a single stone. By "distaff," I meant that it was entertainment for women.

    And none of this discounts the right of women to be entertained by women eating pudding cups, or men to be entertained by men with popsicles, or any other combination of gender and suggestive food.