Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Agony Aunt Holly.

Yes, in addition to all the other services provided herein, I will give you advice on your personal problems! Not good advice, I'm twenty-three and rather limited in worldliness and in the perfection of my own love life, but hey, I'll always try.

N.T. asks:
my girlfriend dumped me because i had sex with her on the second date wat the fuck PS YOU SOUND HOT
any tips for next time

If things only got to two dates, she wasn't really your "girlfriend," was she? Unless she became your girlfriend and then retroactively dumped you because of the second date, that would be weird. Although regardless of timing, "because I had sex with her" is a rather messed-up reason, because she hopefully also agreed to have sex with you. It may just be a (poorly chosen) excuse to cover that she doesn't really want a relationship or doesn't want one with you. It may mean she didn't like the sex. It may mean she's having a guilt thing about the sex and blaming you. I can't really say.


My biggest advice for next time is not to think of someone as your "girlfriend" until you're a bit further along than that. Up until the fifth (or so?) date it's kind of a probationary period in which a relationship can just fail to coalesce. Also, don't have sex with a new date unless she's way into it. Not just consenting but all over you. This girl may feel that you pushed her even if you asked and she said yes; next time hold back until she's asking for it.

Agony Aunt Holly

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