Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two new friends.

This week was my one-year anniversary with [ORGANIZATION] and I got an unexpectedly enormous bonus! I invested it responsibly.

This is Britney. (She's getting a scope and possibly some embarrassing decals.)

This is Marley. (I'm not sure about him yet. I hadn't really planned to get him but a friend was selling him off for stupid cheap.)


  1. Britney's a total hottie.

    What breed is Marley?

  2. I like the leopard print background

  3. William - That's just my bedspread...

    Alan and Bruno - It's a Marlin 336C in .30-30.

  4. I thought I recognized a 336! The ex & I got her a 336CS for her first deer rifle. She still has & uses it; she's an okay chick.

  5. OMG, Holly! A 336C in .30-30?
    Hang on to Marley no matter what! Learn him, know him, you will love him! That gun is one of the most versatile guns you will ever see. Seriously.
    *is sooooo jealous!*

    P.S. You're dangerously close to the breaking point for a home reloading system. If you're serious about shooting sports and intend to spend any time at it, ammo costs are soon going to become an issue. A home station looks like a huge initial investment, but in a year or so, it will pay for itself. If you're pressed for space, there are compact units that fit on a table-top, and the different dies for each load store in a case like a drill-bit holder.

    Have fun with those beauties!

  6. PR - Oh man, I doubt it. My apartment's overcrowded with crap already, .22 ammo costs nothing and 9mm doesn't cost that much, I don't think it'll be worth it for some time yet.

  7. Holly:

    Howdy! The reason to own a "real rifle cartridge" (and the .30-30 definitely qualifies, one of the first, one of the best) is that feeling that says, "If I can see it, it's mine."

    Besides, when you strip the MarShield off the wood and refinish it, you get the fun of rubbing tung oil into wood for hours and hours. And sandpaper! (Please to note: I mean this in the best possible way.)

    As long as you can buy ammunition in the United States, you can buy .30-30 ammo.

    And there's something wonderfully Victorian, to me, about both revolvers and lever action rifles, a different way of doing things than we do now, but not wrong, just different.

    Keep on having fun!

  8. My 336 is a prima donna. I'm hoping you have a range report further up, and that Marley is a shooter. If not, we should talk. I know many many tricks by now :-)

  9. Ok, I need to ask you a question.

    You had some posts about being clumsy. I am also clumsy -- to the point that people think there must be something, you know, WRONG with me. Last picked in gym class doesn't begin to cover it.

    So... are you saying clumsy people can learn to shoot too? Is it worth sticking it out? Cause I tried the gun range thing and it was catastrophic.

  10. Sarah - I'm clumsy to the point that there really is something WRONG with me (developmental dyspraxia) and although I'll never be a competition sharpshooter, I'm a competent and safe shooter.

    You might want to talk to a doctor about the clumsiness if you've never had it diagnosed (even if they can't do anything, being officially diagnosed can help with disability accommodations if you ever need them), but yeah, you almost certainly can learn to shoot.