Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What I Learned From Google Analytics.

I put Google Analytics on this blog to track the traffic, partly for fun and partly to feed my narcisism. Because if I were estimating my own readership, I'd say it consists of Dorkiewitch, Aebhel, Bruno, and a startlingly diverse array of people named Sam. (The new "I'm big in Japan" is "I'm big with Sams.")

But apparently no, apparently 247 different people have read this thing a total of 1593 times. Which is by web standards very close to zero, but it's a lot for little ol' me. Here's some fun things I learned about them: (disclaimer: these may all be robot hits or something, I have no way of knowing how many are real people actually reading)

-I've gotten hits from around the world, mainly the US, Europe, and Australia, but with at least one hit from Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Thailand, Turkey, Argentina, Peru, and India.

-Within the US, the most Pervocratic states are Washington, New York, Virginia, and California. I have no hits in New Mexico despite knowing someone in Los Alamos reads this, so I'm not sure what's up with that. There are a lot of hits from Arizona though. Maybe that's her.

-Of people who visit this site, 77% are repeat visitors. 21% have been here more than 50 times. 3% have been more than 100 times, and I'm fairly sure that 3% is mostly me.

-My top referring site is figleaf's awesome Real Adult Sex, followed by my own Livejournal.

-Someone'ed the page with pictures of my vagina. You're kinda creepy, someone. Unless you're, like, a Vagina Monologues feminist, then... I guess it's okay? I sort of think Vagina Monologues is creepy, though.

-Search keywords used to find this page include:
•"did it four times" (We sure did, buddy.)
•"touched a guy's" (This person is either young, or looking for young.)
•"blogspot masturbation or masturbate -mental -intellectual -teen -amateur" (Very specific.)
•"flaccid when bottoming" (Valid question, but sorry, I'm not what you're looking for.)
•"grope his cock" (Good idea!)
•"" (That's not how you use a search engine.)
•"nympho "catch his breath"" (Huh.)
•"read erotic paragraph lust thrust the cock" (Huh.)
•"she my catheter tied bdsm" (HUH.)


  1. I'm in Richmond, Virginia and you're one of my bookmarks. Honestly, I like the way (and often what) you write.

  2. I think Aebhel and I make up a large part of that New York factor.
    I check every day to see if you've updated, but then again I have no life, so..yeah...but hey I like what I read, so cheers!

  3. Hi Scott! I have another friend in Virgina too so between the two of you no wonder I'm so popular there. (Two readers="popular." If you went to my high school you'd understand.)

    And thanks! :)

  4. For some unknown reason our IPs always show up as coming from somewhere Not Here. Phoenix is the usual location, but not always. The numbers stay the same though, so we're identifiable that way at least.