Thursday, March 6, 2008

Win-Win Situation.

Sometimes Alan and I have arguments about who should have an orgasm.

"But I want to give you one, dammit!"


  1. Heheh... I can think of worse things to argue about.

    But why argue when you can both have one? :)

  2. Owen - Well, it's a (very minor and mostly joking) point of contention that he holds out during intercourse, thus selfishly making me have more orgasms while depriving me of the pleasure of seeing his.

    ...This is kind of the backwards problem from regular.

  3. I love watching my boyfriend have an orgasm, and it seems he loves to watch me have the two or three I have when we have sex. I'll reach orgasm once and be like, "okay, your turn," and then he's back to doing what he was up to before and I kinda lose track of what I was saying. But eventually I get my head back and look at him and say, "okay, your turn, and this time I mean it."

    And then he gets his.

  4. I know you were joking, I'm British. We do sarcasm.

    Ive found the best sex has been when both partners ignore themselves and concentrate solely on the other person, but it's never got to the point where denying myself pleasure is that much worse for her. Should I be envious? :P