Sunday, April 20, 2008


It's not that I want to get back together with Alan, it's just that I wish we could hang out. Well, and have sex. And I guess with sex you have to have kissing and cuddling. And as long as we're hanging out we should also go out.

...But I don't want to get back together or nothing.


  1. Type the rest of your comment here.

    aka: Very depressing post, Holly...

  2. Could be worse. You could be together wishing you could have sex.

  3. Don - True. Or we could be together, having sex, and me wishing he would be my all-out boyfriend because that's the next logical step in the Hierarchy of Romantic Dissatisfaction.

    It's probably one of those cases where it's better to have nothing than to have less than you want.

  4. Oh, good, a real post!!!

    Now I have something to respond to:

    You fibber!! You totally wanna get back together!!!!!!

  5. from everything i have read, you have been totally honest with him. why is he gone now? what changed?
    or was it just a matter of he couldn't share anymore?

    i am very very very sorry, i know how much this situation would hurt *ME*
    ps. i am not anon., i am denelian, but i cant remember my log in stuff so, bleh

  6. Denelian - It was a matter of he couldn't take knowing the details. It's one thing to know "not dating exclusively", another to know about lubed-up asses and leather horsewhips and whatnot.