Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The sicks.

I have a wicked stomachache and a low fever. Is this:

A) Appendicitis or something horrible, go to the hospital
B) Gastroenteritis or the flu, stay home from work
C) Just whining, go to work

I'm leaning toward "C" for reasons having less to do with common sense and more with the knowledge that medical staff resent anyone who goes to the hospital with complaints less serious than "chainsaw explosion." Whereas working when you're clearly sicker than your patients is a sign of great toughness and dedication, rather than just being a contagious idiot with a martyr complex.

Either way, bleh.


I'm always annoyed when people are annoyed that Viagra is covered under health plans. Covering Viagra and not birth control is messed up, but the simple fact of covering Viagra isn't. It's not "frivolous" just because it's sexual and you don't have to have sex to live; healthcare is supposed to provide a quality of life beyond "not dead."

I can tell you this: if I were afflicted with a physical condition that made me incapable of experiencing most forms of sex, fixing this wouldn't be "recreational" or silly or gross; it would be a goddamn emergency.


  1. If you're not sure it's not appendicitis, get checked out. If your appendix bursts and you die it means no more Pervocracy.

    healthcare is supposed to provide a quality of life beyond "not dead."
    This is why I hesitantly acknowledge the need for "kink-aware" physicians. Not that a kink-ignorant doctor might turn you in (to whom?), but she might not see kink as a quality-of-life issue even if she recognizes sex as one, and so while she's more likely than not to avoid any regimen that interferes with a patient's ability to engage in vanilla sexual activity, or minimize that interference, she's unlikely to care if the patient can still play.

  2. I agree with hrithfrith, my appendix almost burst in 2 hours after it started getting inflamed.

  3. Hrithfrith - I'm actually sort of going back and forth on the appy issue; the pain does seem disconcertingly lower-right but it's not disablingly severe and I've been able to eat. But I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and if my appendix bursts during the night, well, I'll be in an emergency room.

    As for kink-aware physicians, I just want to not have to worry about what marks are on my body when I get examined. I don't think I'd get "turned in," but I worry that they'd think I was covering for domestic violence or that I was crazy or creepy.

  4. To my father, health is essentially binary - either you're at death's door or you're perfectly fine, quit complaining. Either he never really got sick or injured or never showed it. But due to his attitude, I nearly died and was permanently disabled as a result, had to live with an uncomfortable parasitic infection for several years, and me and my siblings were probably major contributors to any local flu outbreaks.

    (Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit on the last one, there are probably at least a few hundred people people at any one time per major metro area trying to go about their normal business even though they know they're really sick.)

  5. Woman sent to jail for false rape accusation.

    Why are they jailing women? Whether the accusation is false or true does not matter, the woman should be able to put a man in jail.

    We have to fight the jailing of women.

  6. *blinks* 'k, Jenny.

    I hope you feel better/not exploded, Holly O_O


  7. Holly --

    So any update? Did you get better, stay the same, did the appendix blow, etc.? The blogosphere awaits word...

  8. Health update -- I worked last night (of course) and continued to feel ill. I have a doctor's appointment at 1 today and I'll see what's up. I don't think this is appendicitis; my current Internet Self-Diagnosis is maybe a kidney infection, but who knows.

    Jenny - Wow, you sound like a real woman who is definitely a 100% authentic genuine woman.

  9. Seriously, "Jenny," what were you hoping to accomplish? Did you seriously think we were going to go "yeah sister, let's jail innocent men, that's what we're all about!" Or did you think we were going to see the error of our ways and start going "uh oh, look how crazy Jenny is, we better stop taking rape accusations seriously or we'll turn into a Jenny"? Or are you just trying to make women look crazy in general?

    Or am I ascribing wayyyy too much intentional thought to you?

    ...Man, the worst part about you isn't that you're a troll; the worst part is that you never respond to anything. Your troll comments never relate to anything in the post, and when I reply to you, you generally troll again, but without referencing anything I said in the reply. It's very frustrating and makes you look incredibly dense.

    ...And did you read enough of this post to realize how incredibly inappropriately placed your oh-so-clever little gambit was? Seriously now. Have a little decency, dude.

  10. Unfortunately, you probably gave "Jenny" just what "she" wanted by writing "her" such a long reply.

  11. "Your troll comments never relate to anything in the post, and when I reply to you, you generally troll again, but without referencing anything I said in the reply. It's very frustrating and makes you look incredibly dense."

    I'll go farther: makes "her" look like a 'bot. Perhaps the Spearhead-promoter, when choosing a feminine name in hopes that it'd legitimize the trolling, should have chosen "Eliza"?


  12. Anon - Maybe, but it made me feel better, and that's more important than "her" feeling good or bad.

    SunflowerP - I don't think it's a bot; I'm fairly sure it's just an extraordinarily stupid person.