Sunday, December 2, 2007


Welp, today I lost my anal virginity. (My last "virginity" of even slight consequence. I guess I'm a Woman now. I feel so different.)

I was hilariously nervous, so I did it the most controlled way possible--tied Benny to the bed, hands out of my way, hips too tightly bound to thrust up at me--got him hard, lubed him up, gritted my teeth, and... it slid right in and felt rather nice. No pain, no poo, and to be honest, it felt surprisingly similar to getting fucked the regular way. It was good. He liked it too. It was fucking tight.

It gets talked up so much in some sex advice places. Enemas beforehand. One finger, two fingers, three fingers. Breathing exercises. Analgesic lube. Go so very very slow. An inch an hour. Space shuttle launch. When really... all I did was lube him up and slip him in and ride him good.

I didn't do it to any sort of completion (mostly because the position was awkward--buttfucking a guy from above is the fast-tempo squat exercise from hell), but next chance I get, I'm sure as hell going to.

And soon.

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  1. Congratulations! I wonder how many people's first time involves tying the partner down...