Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to swallow cum.

My google search logs contain the following phrases:

dudes that swallow cum
"how to swallow cum"
cum though my nose
how to blowjob when you hate cum
how to make swallow cum
how to swallow cum
i don't like to swallow cum
swallow cum
what happens if i swallow cum
what happens when you swallow cum?

Apparently I am a semen-ingestion authority. The terrifying part is that at least some of these are from different people.

Well, to answer the main questions:
-You swallow it like you swallow any other substance. There is no skill. If you can eat, you can probably manage to swallow about a tablespoon of harmless, only mildly bad-tasting, hideously emotionally loaded fluid. Just fucking swallow.
-If you don't want to swallow (or if the person's STD status is positive or unknown), just fucking don't swallow. In the STD case you should be using a condom.
-Nothing at all happens. Sheeeesh.

(I never know what those girls expect the answer to be. "You gain forty pounds and you grow body hair and you get pregnant and get AIDS and then everybody knows what you did you filthy whore and you're ruined!", presumably.)

P.S.: It's spelled come, dammit.


  1. P.S.: It's spelled come, dammit.

    I love you just a little bit for saying that.

    Also, I've never really understood the big deal about swallowing. It tastes kind of gross, might make you queasy, and...that's about it. Not really that thrilling, I don't think, but some people talk about it like it's the Holy Grail of kinkiness.

  2. Aebhel - I think the big deal is on the dude's side. But why girls make it seem like such an insurmountable challenge, I have no idea.

  3. Late reply is late (your blog lovely and I'm working my way from beginning to current) . I'm only replying because I thought I could maybe provide an insight from the wusses.

    Personally, swallowing come is one of those things that wig me out. I haven't even been able to work up to tasting it when it's spread around and not attacking my mouth (how sad is that? :( )

    The best way to explain the feeling, is that it's like trying to eat someone's boogers (I'm like this with nearly everything that comes out of the body, not including tears). Mind you, I feel bad about that comparison, because it not the same thing at all, but that's where my headspace is on it. I throw up due to gross out factor very easily, so I have this HUGE fear of vomitng on my partner or making gross-out faces.

    So, it's mostly fear of how my body and I will react and not wanting to subject him to that either. Part of me knows I will get over it, try and wonder what the fuss was about, but alas I'm not there yet

    Luckily, my partner doesn't push and we do other things with his come instead.

  4. Late reply is really late.

    "I think the big deal is on the dude's side" - I find the act of swallowing come pretty emotionally loaded (aha) too, as a woman. For me it's the physical embodiment of the orgasm of the guy I'm with, and I find it pretty cool that I can TASTE that. Plus there's also an enjoyable submissive element in it for me.

    Obviously I think people should do whatever works for them, but if I'm reading something and the person involved spits rather than swallows I find it fairly distressing. Like - "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE! ...can I have it instead?"