Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm a fan of cuddles. I sometimes worry that there's something possessive or emotionally needy or demanding about asking a boy for too much cuddling, but mostly I just think it feels good. Boys are warm and firm and their willingness to touch me constitutes a kind of quiet acceptance that I don't get enough of.

Okay, so I'm a little needy. I don't spend the whole time asking "but do you really think I'm pretty?" or anything horrible like that. Mostly it's either unrelated little things from our lives or it's silent nuzzling.

I can't fall asleep cuddling. It makes me very sleepy and comfortable, but when I get to the point of actually sleeping I've always got some part of my body squished or bent back or too warm, and I have to roll over into a little Island of Solitude to get any sleep.

Cuddling with Brandon is great, but cuddling with Jon is wonderful because he's so damn big. (Tall and wide; not super fat, just large in a big square doorway-filling way. Trucker-shaped.) I can just sink into him. He puts his arms around me and I'm enveloped. I can disappear inside him.


  1. I'm totally down with the cuddle.

  2. Okay so, I hope you don't mind people commenting on your old stuff. I feel like it is less weird to comment whilst I browse your blog from the beginning than to simply lurk. But if you don't want people to comment then I'm up with that too.

    I really like cuddles. I think it's the human contact part that just makes them so darn addictive.
    The guy I am sleeping with likes to spoon and so we tend to fall asleep that way, which I also like. And whilst there is ZERO romantic intent between us, cuddling is still super great. It feels nice, it's comfortable and intimate. I don't understand why people are so afeared of intimacy outside of romantic intent, it's like some weird sort of taboo-thing.