Thursday, December 20, 2007

I forgive you, really.

I wish Alan wouldn't apologize for having orgasms.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, OHHHHHHH... oh no, crap, I'm so sorry."

He'll say this even if he's been going for fifteen minutes and I've come three times. I need to convince him that I don't need a man who can fuck indefinitely.

In fact it's rather frustrating when a man lasts for hours. I love to watch guys come. I hate to hear them say "uh, it's not you, but it's been two hours and I just can't get there, maybe I better just finish myself off." And I really really hate to hear "oh forget it, it's not gonna happen, just let it get soft and I'm going to sleep."

I know it's not necessarily my fault but it always makes me feel cruddy.


  1. I'm weaning my husband off apologising - even when he only lasts for 2 minutes. No one should ever apologise for an orgasm. I mean, if he starts regretting coming, he'll just start equating pleasure with guilt and baaaadness. Urgh, it's kinda late right now and I swear this all sounded a lot smarter in my head.

    Guys, you don't need a friggin hard on for your partner to get an orgasm.

    And I totally hear you on the cruddy feeling. It doesn't matter if he has already come 3 times and starting to hurt. If it's hard again, I want him to have that 4th orgasm more than he does. I don't know if it's vanity or fear of inadequacy.

    Ending this comment now before I start babbling.

  2. I know what you mean, Holly. My husband does that all the time. It's ok sweetheart, really ;-)