Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Hir" does nothing for me.

Sometimes, when I'm already in a dreamy sort of mood, just the words "he" and "she" can be a thrill. The man I have a crush on, he... and those two letters tell you that this person is a man and therefore has a cock and balls and sometimes that cock gets hard and sometimes a little clear fluid seeps out and when you lick it up and use your tongue to swirl it around the head you will feel that cock pulse just a little in your mouth.

It's things like this that put the lie to the idea of jading. That once you get fucked in the ass with a whip handle in your teeth like a pony's bit you won't still sparkle a little to see someone cute give you the merest smile. That when your sex and your fantasies are harsh and extreme you won't still doodle hearts in your notebook. Sex isn't skiing; you can do the harshest black diamond on the mountain and still feel your heart in your throat going down the kiddy hill.

I get turned on by the words "lick it until it's clean, bitch," and I get turned on by the words "he and she."


  1. "Sex isn't skiing..." Very nicely put, Holly.

    I remember in that remake of the surfing movie Endless Summer there's some guy who literally won't go surfing except in this one spot and only after hurricanes because without, like, 60 foot waves he can only catch by being *towed into* by jet ski he can't have any fun at all!

    Yeah, sex isn't like that, at all, at all.

    Happy holidays to you and yours by the way.

  2. Thanks, Figleaf, and a Merry Christmas Etc. to you and your gang.

  3. I get where you're coming from, but (and I'm full of such useless references) I read a story called "The Androgyne Murders" by a woman named Kandis Elliot. The people in it were androgynous (duh). They referred to themselves as "te" and "ter" and "tes" which I thought was kinda cool. In the real world, I can see that getting really weird really quickly.

  4. Scott - I actually believe that everyone should be referred to as "him"--English is so built around the male-is-default paradigm that it would be more elegant to simply let everyone be chairmen and firemen and policemen. With the caveat that some of those chairmen will have vaginas. But there's no reason to bring that up in public discourse, for chrissakes.

  5. Holly, I thought I was the only one who got all excited at thinking things about "him" and "he!" Maleness - it's seckseh, bebbeh!!

  6. Just needs to be said that not everyone with he pronouns have cocks or balls.