Saturday, December 15, 2007


Date with Benny tonight. Last time he didn't enjoy that my crotch was stubbly so I endeavored to get a truly clean shave for him tonight. I overdid it. Took off half my skin and now my "bikini zone" is an unholy hell of the nastiest razor burn you ever saw.

So my question, if anyone can answer it before 4 PM Pacific time: is there anything I can do? Lotion? Ice? Heat? Benadryl? Advil? Cover it with makeup and when it inevitably gets rubbed off, scream "look what you did to me"?

Here I am trying to be all "this girl has prepared herself for your enjoyment, Sir," and it's gonna end up more "that's not an infection, I swear, I'm just a moron."

(We don't ever actually talk like that, I just think it's funny. I'd really be saying "Shaved myself for ya, dude." Because we may be sadomasochists but we are also extremely dudely.)


  1. Razor burn sucks, dude. You might try a moisturizer with aloe.

  2. Bruno - Hm. Thank you, dude!

    ...I just realized that my post was equivalent to saying "I will put anything on my crotch that the Internet tells me to."

  3. Dude, I totally failed to abuse that power. Strawberry jam is amazing for razor burn. For realz, dude.

  4. A little late, but for future emergencies, witch hazel works very well...the clear liquid you buy at the drugstore...not the actual plant.

  5. Witch hazel, eh?

    Thanks for the advice.