Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stormy Weather.

It snowed while I was working the graveyard shift. I got my last patient woken up for the morning and when I went outside the world was white. Unlike everyone else in Seattle, I can drive on snow, but I live fifteen miles and two steep hills from where I work. Benny lives less than a mile away. Safety first.

He opened the door half-asleep, and the first thing we did was stagger to his bed and fall asleep together. Sexy? Yes. It was, because there's few things sexier than waking up together.

Around noon I woke up, quite naked, cuddled up against naked Benny. There was a storm roaring outside, the wind howling down the hillside, snow and rain falling in turns. Benny was big and warm. For a while I just basked in him, every limb entwined, soaking up the heat. I started moving my hands over him, sleepy and languid, just stroking his body, his big meaty chest, his big meaty belly, his big meaty cock. Mmm.

I love morning hardons. They're so innocent. He didn't even mean to get it up and there it was, all ready for me to stroke it and suck it and he was barely awake by the time he was filling my mouth with his come.

We didn't get out of bed until two. Until he was ready to fuck again he kept me busy with his hands, kneading my breasts, slapping my thighs and ass, sliding fingers into my pussy. He can make me come faster than anyone with those hands--he gets three or four fingers inside me and bends them forward hard and I can't last thirty seconds. Except that I can, because he won't stop and I just come again and again and fucking again and my whole body was arched back and shaking and it was fucking amazing. Eventually I had to beg for him to stop because I was exhausted. He held me down and made me come one more time for spite's sake and then let me rest.

I didn't rest long. There's a fine line for me between utter sexual exhaustion and being desperate for more, and I crossed that line in about... twenty minutes? Coulda been fifteen. I got Benny hard again and started riding him. His bed has metal bars for a headboard (they make good tie points) and I was grabbing the bars for leverage, slamming his cock into me as hard as I could. I was already far too sensitive from what he'd done with his hands and it felt like more than it was, almost more than I could take, but I'd told myself I was going to make him come and by God I was not going to stop fucking him until he did. It was a good while later and we were both covered in sweat but he did, bucking and moaning and shoving me down onto his cock with his hands on my hips.

We showered, because we were pretty darn gross, and went to IHOP for brunch. (It was too late for brunch... brinner?) The special was "Pancake Surrender" and Benny ordered me to get it. I did. It was delicious. (We don't have the sort of relationship where he orders me what to eat, but you gotta make an exception for Pancake Surrender.)

We got back to the house. Benny took me into the living room and stripped me naked again, tying my hands behind my back and blindfolding me. He put clamps on my nipples and started hitting my breasts with the flogger. When it hit flesh it hurt; when it hit the clamps it FUCKING HURT YOU FUCKING BASTARD FUCK YOU. I don't really do verbal submission. More a defiant, swearing, standing-tall-in-the-face-of-pain submission. My feet were unbound and I could have just walked away. At one point it was too much and I almost did. Benny told me, "Get back here and stand still," and something in his voice was dark and terrifying. I did as he said and didn't walk away again. I just stood there and screamed.

After a long while of that he laid me face down on the couch and brought my feet up to my hands behind my back, hogtying me. It's a scary position just to be in; it's a really scary position to be horsewhipped in. It's hard to gauge time in a situation like that but I don't think I've ever taken a longer whipping. I wish I could say something like "but all the pain turned to pleasure", but it fucking didn't. It was pleasure but it was also pain, full strength, not muted by masochism or anything so tidy. It felt exactly like being hit with a goddamn horsewhip. It just also felt like something deeper and more amazing than the best orgasm of my life.

I was crying when he untied me. I wasn't angry at him--hardly!--just so overwhelmed with everything that I had to cry. He held me until I was myself again. For almost an hour after, we just lay together naked, nothing sexual, just talking and rolling around half-wrestling and a whole lot of tickling and giggling and kissing.

And after that we got to the buttfucking, which I've already described on the last post so I needn't repeat myself, right?

I went home and slept for thirteen hours. The snow was all melted when I woke up again.


  1. In a funny way, it reads like an ABC After-School Special. It sounds like you had a good day off.

  2. Scott - I have no idea what the heck you mean about afterschool specials, but yes, yes I did. :)

  3. The snowy day imagery, H. I mean, it's a version that'd never air, mind you. :)