Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just another night with Benny.

The razor burn was still ugly when Benny saw it, but he's not a squeamish man; he tied my legs open, spread rubbing alcohol on the burn, and slapped it in. I screamed angry obscenities at him and he dipped his finger into my pussy to show me how wet the pain had gotten me.

He slowly eased two fingers into me, then three and after a few minutes, four up to the knuckles. He's got big hands; all he had to do was curl his fingers a little, barely flutter them inside me, and I shook and moaned and disappeared into blinding maddening ecstasy.

As I finished coming I was seized by a powerful urge. I grabbed Benny by the back of the head, and as he drew his fingers out of me I kissed him hard and deep, not at all sweetly, fucking his mouth with my mouth. We kissed for a long time, rough, sexual, pressed together so hard I couldn't tell where I ended and he began.

Some time later in the evening, I pulled Benny into a tight hogtie--elbows tied together behind his back, knees tied tightly together, wrists and ankles tied to each other, face down and totally immobile. (I kept nervously checking his breathing because big guy prone with elbows back is positional-asphyxia-riffic, but he was fine.) I slipped on a latex glove, lubed up the fingers, and spread his cheeks. I went slowly, just stroking around his asshole, until he started really wanting it, started making little pleading noises and tilting his ass up at me. I slipped one finger in, and with surprising ease a second, and bent them forward until I felt the small hard gland inside him. He groaned deeply.

Some time later than that, we were lying in bed under the covers with nobody tied or hurt, just side by side stroking each other's groins until I wanted more than stroking and slipped his cock into me, still on our sides and slowly gently fucking for ages. He rolled me over and fucked my ass just as slow and gentle, kissing me and holding me until he came in my ass.

And finally, when we were both completely spent, pussy and ass and cock tender, nipples sore, muscles aching and skin raw, he looked me in the eyes and said "I'm awfully glad I found you." And I went all gooshy inside.


  1. See, this time of year wishes can come true.

  2. Does that mean you can call it love? I'm just asking. :)

  3. Scott - Not really. At best it's "love" but not "in love", in reality it's more like "really like."

    Which I am very happy to have. :)

  4. I once had a buddy who described his infatuation with a girl as being "really in like with" her. I thought it worked well.

    And for what it's worth, I don't think that your description should scare him. It's a perfect explanation.