Sunday, April 25, 2010

How the pros do it.

I have since learned that the proper way to fuck in WoW is for the man to /lie down and for the woman to stand over his general crotch area and /sit and get up again repeatedly.

This looks about as natural and erotic as you'd expect.




  2. Please tell me there is an interesting story as to how you learned this.

  3. Robert,

    The standing up and sitting down thing has long been known in Wow. Mostly it's used (at least by me) to Virtual-Teabag someone, either for the lulz or as an added insult. It's pretty common knowledge.

  4. I think Metal Gear wins the trophy for best unintended sexy times in a game:

    I'm kind of glad that only hugs/makeouts can be simulated with Guild Wars emotes. Slaves sometimes seek masters using all chat though.

    @ Anon's video - I'm amazed they haven't gone extinct yet.