Saturday, April 10, 2010

Personal Massager.

The nursing home I used to work at got a ton of healthcare-supply catalogs, and on the night shifts when there was nothing to do I'd leaf through them. Mostly they were products like diabetes socks and grabrails for the bathroom, but each one had a page or two for "intimate care products." One of the catalogs was actually hip and had Natural Contours vibrators and said pretty plainly what they were for.

Most of the catalogs were... not hip. And so you got this:

I think I'm underestimating the hipness of old ladies here, but I always wondered how many people really did use it on their neck. You know someone did.


  1. Thanks to a previous resident's immortality on mailing lists, I get these catalogs too, but I've never seen a personal massager that looked so much like a crappy dildo.

    By the way, a friend who works at Amazon said they have to exclude sex toys from the best-seller lists to prevent them from taking over.

  2. Bruno - Well, that's hardly fair. If everyone likes it, there's no shame in that.

  3. Meant to comment on this like 2 days ago BUT,

    At my house we just got one of those senior-oriented gift catalogs. Like Harriet Carter or something, but not Harriet Carter. You know the kind of catalog I'm talking about.

    Well the first page I opened up to, I had to open up to it because there were those postcards in the middle of the catalog you're supposed to send back to get more catalogs and magazine subscriptions.

    And the middle page those post cards was on was ALL sex toys.

    In the middle of a senior care catalog.
    And it was one of the "Hip" advertisements like they didn't even try to hide it or say it's personal massager. They sold potency gels (probably don't work but whatever) vibrators cock rings etc. etc.

    And the rest of the pages is like, shower caps & bath mats & kitchen towels and other mundane household wares...

    I just thought I'd share that.