Sunday, April 4, 2010

Search Term... Sightseeing Journey! Part II.


I always told myself that I'd know I'd made it when this happened. Being known is great, but being known so well that you get misspelled... that's the big time, baby.

twisty faster is really a guy
My first instinct is to reply with "well, that explains a lot, ho ho," but really, I'm rather sick of people insulting women by calling them men. It's anti-feminist, anti-man, anti-trans, anti-butch... it's just anti too many things. Quit it.

cfnm what do women think
We think it's fundamentally a male fetish, and it's based more on thinking that you're arousing women than on actually arousing them. It's a form of femdom, and nothing wrong with that, but it's a form of femdom that seems to be entirely invented and propagated by the male submissives--I never hear actual female dominants enthuse about it.

"how do you learn to fuck"
On-the-job training.

"i want to have a baby" craigslist
Oh god no. Don't do this. Please. I'm begging you.

"it tastes like boy"
...try pork chops?

24 hour forced vibrator torture
See, you really don't want this. You want, like, 1 hour forced vibrator torture, and after that it'll really start getting old and you'll want to go to the bathroom and have a drink of water and take a nap.

bbw ideal waist to hip ratio
Well, you can't have both, unless she's eight feet tall.

beta male used by women
Dude, if I say "drive me to work and I'll be your girlfriend," I'm using you. If I just say "dude, I'm in a really tight spot, could you please give me a ride to work?", everything you project onto that is your own problem.

can you pick up a hairy guini pig by the hair?
NO! JESUS, NO! That poor thing! If you want to pick up any kind of guinea pig, put one hand under its butt and one hand under its front legs! Please!

"can you get pregnant if he cums in your mouth and you put it in your vagina"
Probably not, fortunately. But you're making me seriously rethink my opinion on condoms for blowjobs.

cfnm forced to jack off
Oh sure, and next I'll throw you in the briar patch.

doctors comments on making a child smell poop
What? No! Is this like some kind of bizarre potty training method? You rub his nose in it? I'm no doctor, but you're not even supposed to do that with dogs.

how to fuck a bitch on first date
It'll help tremendously if she feels safe with you, like she really knows you respect her as a person, you fucking asshole.

polyamorous "can't get laid"
Try starting with just one person, and working up from there.

sexy earring put on vagina
If I had a camera right now I'd humor this person. They're just that awesome.

ugly desperate women in montana who want to get laid
Totally exhausted the "attractive confident women in Montana" options, huh?

what do women fantasize about
The same exact things, all 3 billion of us.

why are people uncomfortable with rape

There are some questions where if you don't know the answer already, you might not be able to learn it.

why do men like to feel titties
This too, really.

eurosabra holly laid
Not bloody likely, buddy.


  1. congratulations on the misspellings. The Pervocracy has arrived.

  2. I'm female and dominant and enjoy CFNM. I've even daydreamed (fantasized might be too strong a word) about it. My actual fantasies focus on the things I'm doing to a boy, not the context I'm doing them in, though.

    CFNM is totally about the control/humiliation aspect for me, not that the guy's body just turns me on so darned much (although hotness is a non-negotiable requirement in any guy I'd strip down for my amusement). I'm sure at least some guys understand and enjoy this.

  3. Anon - Bah. I should know better than to generalize by now.

  4. See, you really don't want this. You want, like, 1 hour forced vibrator torture, and after that it'll really start getting old and you'll want to go to the bathroom and have a drink of water and take a nap.

    Speaking as somebody who _does_ 24/7 DS, this is absolutely, positively true for almost all people.

    Misunderstanding what people can actually handle in real life is a big part of both ends of the spectrum of misunderstanding long-term DS: having a libido bigger than your tolerance leads to unrealistic fantasies, and assuming that 24/7 is all high-protocol all the time naturally makes more reasonable folks figure it's unrealistic ("Master, if it pleases you, this one would like to go take a whiz"--it gets old _really_ fast).

  5. elmo - Yeah, I think the food analogy here is when you come home super hungry, so you cook an enormous dinner, not really accounting for how you'll get less hungry when you actually eat.

    ...If that makes sense? I mean that you have to distinguish between what you're craving versus what you'll actually enjoy.

  6. Exactly. "Libido bigger than your tolerance" was meant as a play on "eyes bigger than your stomach" for just that reason.