Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Days.

Boston is, unbelievably, everything I'd expected it to be. Maybe it's just my newness (and copious free time), but my social life hasn't been this good since college. If ever. It's fun.

I've been spending a lot of time as Holly Pervocracy. Both literally--in Seattle I was rather closeted about my sexblogging even among perverts, here everyone but my family members and professional contacts know about it--and in the sense of what character I'm playing. [Realname], while arguably smarter and more polite than Holly Pervocracy, can be painfully awkward and inhibited. Holly Pervocracy isn't just a pervert slut, she's also far more outspoken and self-confident than [Realname]. She can say "vagina" in public and talk to strangers and everything.

Man, when I wrote in that fakepost that being Holly Pervocracy has pushed me into situations that I would never have gotten into on my own, I wasn't kidding. I honestly think [Realname] would still be putting up with Benny in Seattle right now if it weren't for blogging and all that it's helped me to learn and become. (And all the awesome people I've met through it.)

I'm not completely insane, "being Holly Pervocracy" really just means faking it till I make it, but... I'm making it. Which is awesome.

I think everyone should develop and then gradually come to embody their own quasi-fictional narcissistic alter ego. It's a wonderful growth experience.


  1. I'm jealous. Bruno is every bit as insecure and awkward as I am.

  2. Seconded. By indulging my sexual vanity I push myself further in my real life. I am definitely way more sexually motivated, in terms of new experiences, since I started writing. It's really enjoyable to have a space to dissect those experiences too.

    You're brilliant by the way.