Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue balls.

Man, theoretically non-sexual BDSM always leaves me ragingly horny. I can certainly work this out myself--at nearly 4 AM it's too late for a booty call and I wouldn't treat them right anyway--but it seems like a shame.

This is what the nJoy Pure Wand is perfect for, by the way. When it's just a "get my rocks off and out of the way so I can sleep" situation, a vibrator does the trick, but when I want to enjoy myself, when I want to really thoroughly fuck myself and luxuriate in it, the wand is perfect. It's not just "pleasure" that thing gives me, it's eyes-rolled-back, shallow-panting, uncontrolled-spasming ecstasy. And the really wonderful thing is, I can draw it out. I can really work out my horny, give myself a proper massage that hits all the spots, and only then make myself come big and hard. If I can't call a real cock up here at 4 AM to stunt-fuck me and then leave immediately (I can't), the Pure Wand is definitely the next best thing.

Separating sex and BDSM is, for me, like separating the bread with the jelly from the bread with the peanut butter. I can do it, it's still a decent meal, but it doesn't seem quite right to me and it means I never achieve that perfect sandwich feng shui. I like my PB all mixed up in my J.


  1. What the fucken fucke is a "stunt-fuck"?

  2. I say my share of sexist things, but I'd never say, "I can't call a real vag up here at 4 AM for me to stunt fuck."

  3. Comrade PhysioProf - A "stunt-fuck" is a purely utilitarian fuck done to take advantage of/resolve arousal from a completely other source. The rest of the movie has gone on without the guy, and he's just there for the "stunt", if you will. I guess an equivalent would be "pinch hitter"?

    Anon - I said that I can't! And that part of the reason is that I know I wouldn't treat the guy right!

    If it's just my phrasing that's bugging you, the concept of calling in a "stunt fuck" after BDSM is one I've heard before in the community before--it's used somewhat sardonically by the quite game stunt-fuckers (or "stunt cocks", after Orgazmo) themselves.