Thursday, August 19, 2010


I spilled water on my laptop and now it won't start! Horror, sorrow. Typing this on iPod. Blogging will be impaired until computer dries or is replaced.

Tonight fun though. Many bite marks. Do so love the biting.


  1. So you spilled water on the laptop and then tried to start it and the laptop refused and bit you? Damnnn, you live 24/7 hardcore, neh?

  2. take the battery out and let it dry for at least a week.

    though since you tried to start it it may be fried

    I advise from personal experience. Good luck. And I love your blog - this tragedy makes me sad. <3

  3. Sit the whole laptop in a container with as much rice as possible.

    My partner put her Ipod nano through the wash when she forgot to take it out of her pocket, it was saved by rice and now still works fine months after :P

    (though I am sure it will have considerably shortened it's life span in the long run)


  4. rice seconded.

    electronics and water get along just fine, so long as there's no electricity involved.

    I've got a friend that generates a disturbing amount of keyboard plaque. he runs the keyboard through the dishwasher, and then lets it dry in the closet for a few months.

  5. I've dangled a Palm Pilot in front of a subway radiator by accident.

    Anyway, I seem to be the only person who really doesn't have a problem with the iPhone/iPod Touch keyboard.