Sunday, August 15, 2010

I topped a boy and I liked it.

(Men! Tell me about your orgasms!)

So tonight was interesting. Tonight I topped.

I used to top Benny, but this was a very different experience. With Benny it was more like service topping, or paying him back for topping me; tonight it evolved a lot more organically.

I met a friend--someone I met through the blog, actually, but someone who I also talked to as a friend for several months before the idea of us playing together ever came up--and invited him back to my house. We showed each other our BDSM toys, and played the time-honored "BDSM show and tell" ritual of hitting each other on the forearm with everything.

Then we just cuddled for a while. A long while, actually; we might have spent two hours just hugging and petting and scritching, meanwhile having a long, digressive, highly geeky conversation about everything that came to mind. Although sex was most of what came to mind. At one point I got intolerably horny from all the physical contact, asked him how I might most elegantly resolve this situation, and ended up humping his leg to orgasm. (Not the most efficient or intense route, but it's more relieving than nothing and more entertaining than just doing myself.) This didn't really change anything and we kept cuddling after that.

Then he nibbled me, and with my permission bit me quite hard. I love being bitten. No; I loooove being bitten. If you want to get me seriously moaning and squirming with my pants still on, all you need is a set of teeth. But in this case it didn't just get me turned on, it got me asking him if I could bite back. (Actually, I believe the specific question was "Are you noms?" See, kids, consent can be fun!) He confirmed that he was, indeed, noms, and I bit him. I bit him several times, hard, working my teeth around, getting almost to the point of tearing his skin before backing off. And he loved it. He threw his head back and tensed his muscles and made the most amazing noises.

So I kept going. He took off his shirt and I gnawed on his chest and his nipples, biting his nipple hard and rolling it between my teeth and hearing nothing but joy from him. I went down onto his ribs and sucked up a big chunk of flesh in my mouth, biting and sucking up a giant hickey--then made a matching one on the other side.

At this point I was getting quite into hurting him. He turned around and I scratched his back, making long red trails until his whole back was pink and warm, then digging my fingers deep into the tender flesh. I moved down a little and started slapping his ass, but I just couldn't do enough with my hands. I grabbed a hairbrush.

The man was a glutton for pain, I gotta tell ya. I've always had a secret theory that on average male masochists are into more fucked-up shit than female ones, and he was no exception--I was pounding his bare ass with a wooden hairbrush as hard as I could muster and he just begged for more. I turned it around and ground the stiff bristles into his sore red ass and he begged for more. (Okay, it's a little gross remembering I have to brush my hair with that. Oh well, his ass was clean and I'm not squeamish.)

He'd brought a flogger with him. A big, heavy, rubber flogger, a serious son-of-a-bitch. I'd taken a couple test shots with this flogger earlier in the night and it hurt; three or four full-strength blows from it was enough to wear me down.

He didn't wear down. I was almost incredulous and kept checking in with him, and he kept just taking it and loving it. I was pounding on him with this incredibly mean-ass flogger and he never reached his limit--I don't think he came close to his limit. He just soaked it up.

This is all just physical, though; the part that amazed me was that I was... kind of toppy. I wasn't just going through the motions, I was messing with him both physically and verbally (in a fairly light and semi-silly way, but not insincere) and I was liking it. It wasn't just the feeling of pleasing him. I got a strange tingly rush and an amazing feeling of power. Even afterwards, the tingles lingered.

This isn't some kind of declaration that I'm a switch now. I'm pretty much a sub and I think this was a one-off that happened to have a particular chemistry. But I'm always amazed where chemistry can lead me. I live in a world of wonderful possibilities. Boom de yada.


  1. Let it be known, yay biting.

    that is all.

  2. So I was closer to right than I thought I'd be. Excellent.

  3. Topping can be a wonderful thing, eh?

    Yay also to biting, and also to cuddling, for that matter.

  4. I wish I was into biting, because so many of my partners enjoy doing it. But it just trips "Damage! Danger! Cause desist!" alarm bells in my head at a subconscious level. I can't enjoy anything that makes me have to fight to restrain myself from gouging eyes to make it stop.

  5. That's very cool. I enjoy orgasm and masturbation denial as a top - oh the power. And a good spanking when they're really responding is top notch.

    But like you, I'm still not a switch :P