Monday, August 30, 2010


It amazes me that there is still a debate on whether female ejaculation exists. It's like hearing serious grown-ups intensely discuss the elusive cryptid known as the "mouse." Mice: are they real? The world may never know.

And "well, it doesn't taste like pee" is one of those arguments that you reveal a whole lot about yourself by making.

It's a little weird for me, actually, that I haven't ever ejaculated. I've certainly devoted enough love and affection to my G-spot, but the resultant fluid is more of a trickle than a gush. In my most paranoid moments I've wondered if maybe I've never really had an orgasm at all, but no, that is not even remotely possible. I've had times that I felt like I needed to pee during sex, but I'm pretty sure that I really needed to pee.

Maybe I just can't. Maybe it's genetic or something. Some people can't curl their tongue and I can't squirt. Considering the things I can so, I don't feel too inadequate about it. It's just strange.

P.S.: I know posting has kinda sucked lately. The problem is that with no computer, it's almost impossible for me to comment on anything outside, since tabbing around and copy-pasting is unbelievably difficult and unreliable on the iPod. It's also very difficult for me to edit my writing properly. And then there's the timesink of moving. Hopefully I'll have my computer back later this week and have more interesting things to say. For the next couple days, sucking may continue. :(


  1. I wouldn't say it's strange at all. Some women do, some don't, and I don't think it has anything to do with the sexual capacities of the woman (or the skills of her partner). It's just a biological variation, and no better or worse than two women with slightly different vocal ranges.

    I can indeed verify that squirting is real, as many of the women I've been with are squirters; they ranged from a light trickle (like you) to a full-out midget carwash. But it really had no bearing on anything else about them.

    So stop being paranoid. You're batshit crazy enough as it is. :)

  2. Squirting seems so unlikely that as much as I'd like to be able to take your word for it I really want to witness it.

    Holly, do you want to squirt?

  3. I've had orgasms, but I've never gushed. Or squirted. I think it's just biological quirkiness if you do or don't. To say that it doesn't happen at all is to ignore all the people it happens to, but scientists/doctors are really good at that.

    Posting on an iPhone? Ugh. I have a friend's old first gen iPhone for internet access at home and I don't even try to post on weekends. It's way too frustrating. So I'm pretty impressed that you do it at all. And happy. I really like your posts.

  4. Like Jack, I can also attest to the reality of squirting. I've been with women who squirt, and the can range from a trickle, to leaving a noticeable puddle of fluids on the floor, to one who actually soaked through the sheets and into the bed I had at the time. Also like Jack, I'm sure it's nothing more or less than a biological variation.

  5. Can't blame you for shorter posts, given the whole iPhone situation. I've actually been enjoying the quicker, quippier, more personal posts, though. I like when you're all link-y and internet-referential too, but it's fun to hear little stories or musings. Don't be too hard on yourself!

  6. Good luck with getting a new computer, I'm still looking forward to Cosmocking! & good luck with moving.

    I saw a whole protracted debate one time in a Dan Savage comments section about whether squirting is real. It was mainly just one or two commenters being "skeptical" about it, but still.

  7. I squirt, well part-time squirt anyway, and I can't say that it's clear to me, either. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, and it doesn't even necessarily have anything to do with how good it was or where I'm being touched. I've been known to squirt with only clitoris stimulation (and not even much of that) and also during PIV action, but never with anal. That I remember of. Should that tell us something?

    But I have realized that I squirt a lot more when I'm in a new relationship with someone. Maybe it's because of the uncertainty and the element of surprise. Who knows. I could do without the problem of "but what are we going to do with the matress when we move?" problem, though. We've decided it has to burn. :)

  8. I've only squirted twice and both times I was by myself, completely focusing on trying to get to that point, and it took over an hour. It was kind of neat, but it didn't really add any oomph to the orgasm, it just made my bed all wet. So for me, personally, it's not worth the extra effort to make it a regular thing. *shrugs*

  9. I have noticed that I squirt more often at the beginning of a relationship as well. Also during the winter. I think it's because I live somewhere so ungodfully hot during the summer that my body just says "Fuck you, I need that hydration." And yes, when I do squirt, it almost always is of the "midget car wash" variety (I'm so stealing that, now). I've found that I also quirt more often with anal than anything else. Like everyone said, I'm pretty sure it's just one of those random genetic variances.

    Although, about the clean-up part. I had a guy recommend that we use a pad like the kind you get for training dogs. I slapped him.

  10. I've been with two girls who squirted, and both of them were the kind who produce puddles.

    Being a visual creature and interested in visual evidence of arousal, I've collected some data on this (University science libraries are WONDERFULLY comprehensive :P).

    1). Women who squirt tend to report a sensation as though they're urinating, since it goes through the same tract.

    2). Ejaculate is not urine, though it shares some properties with it, and the larger the volume, the more urine content. In my experiences, it can range from sweet and sugary to brackish with urea.

    3). Squirting can happen when your bladder is or isn't full, but in some women, a squirting orgasm with a full bladder can lead to an unfortunate situation.

    4). Squirting can either be associated with intense arousal or it can be a regular occurrence.

    5). A thick towel, folded in half and spread beneath her backside and extending outward about a foot should be able to handle all but the most intense emissions (I'm not trying to be clinical, it just seemed like the right word).

    6). Squirting orgasms are frequently associated with g-spot stimulation, but it is not unheard of to have squirting orgasms from purely clitoral stimulation.

  11. I don't squirt, but women I know who do squirt don't seem to be having BETTER or more intense orgasms than mine -- just more dramatic. And sometimes logistically annoying. So I'm OK with it. (However, I do think that sometimes the ejaculatory/prostatic fluid goes into my bladder instead of squirting out.)

  12. I squirt on occasion, but have never orgasmed. For me it requires intense g-spot stimulation, and really only happens with new partners - which is probably to do with greater tolerances. I'm more likely to say "oh god oh god fuck oh god keep going" with a new partner, whereas it's likely to be something more like "oh god oh god oh fucking ow ow stopstopstop" with a long-term partner.

    Volume-wise I don't projectile squirt, so much as soak. There are a few mattresses around town that bear my mark.

  13. I have never witnessed a female ejaculation, nor do I doubt they exist. However, I have never got a satisfactory anatomical explanation. Ejaculation of liquid which is not urine in quantities of a tablespoon or so does by no means sound implausible, but when we are talking about several deciliters, well, I'll readily admit I'm not medically trained, but I highly doubt it is physi[ologi]cally possible to execrate that amount of liquid in the split of a second: ergo, there must be a reservoir where this liquid can collect prior to ejaculation, and the only one large enough for the quantities claimed, as far as I am aware, is the urinary bladder. Is it the case that a liquid distinct from urine accumulates in the bladder of some women during sexual arousal? That is not a rhetorical question; I genuinely want to know.

  14. As far as I can tell, it gets easier as you get older... maybe. For sure it gets easier after the first time. Once you start... you can't stop :-)

    My SO can squirt a whole lot on occasion. When we got the bigger bed and the new mattress, we added a mattress protector. A single towel folded four ways sometimes work, two towels is better.

    On more than one occasion, at play parties, people have remarked that they've "heard about it but never believed it".

    So... it happens, it's good, and it'll... come.

  15. I'm a squirter, and find it makes orgasms better for me. It doesn't make the orgasm in itself stronger, as far as I can tell, but because squirting feels like urinating it has the feeling of relief/release which comes with that, and that's what enhances the experience.

  16. Heya, Anon!

    About 1).

    I can't find any evidence (the researches can't pinpoint the location), and I'm not even sure if it's so all the time - but sometimes I've fealt the gushing and Wonderboy has had to take his penis out to let the pressure of the fluid flow out. So, I wouldn't say for sure it always comes from uretha, which you seem to be implying.

    I also wouldn't compare gushing to peeing because it feels nothing like it. The only thing they have in common is the presence of fluid, just like male ejaculation has that in common with peeing.

  17. One of my best friends is a squirter and a fellow scientist (biochemist). When she discovered this interesting quirk of her biology/anatomy (traits vary widely in any biological system), after a couple of red-faced (her...she found it a bit disconcerting at first) conversations and a lot of inappropriate commentary and laughs (both of awesome to have friends you can talk about ANYTHING with), we did some research and she conducted the methylene blue test.

    This used to be a prank...if you ingest methylene blue, a common laboratory stain, it turns your pee blue (or greenish blue). It binds to protein components and nucleic acids, which are found in significant amounts in urine (waste products of protein/cellular breakdown) but not so much in female ejaculate.

    The outcome of the experiment was that the light-colored towel (as suggested by Anonymous) get soaked but did not show a blue color. The experiment was replicated several times with the same outcome.

    Conclusion: not urine in her case, sample size of n=1 not being relevant to the whole damn population (and some people do experience urinary stress incontinence during sex/orgasm).

    Aside: there is some silliness as well as utility in being a nerd. :)

  18. @Pasthurt:

    The fact that squirting has come from the urethra for both women I've been with who've done it doesn't mean it can't have a different mechanism.

    And if it DID come from elsewhere, it certainly wouldn't be using the urethral tract, so it wouldn't feel like urinating. But then: having never done it, I wouldn't know. :P


  19. Kaija... you and your friend are freaking geniuses. I'll conduct the experiment myself and report back asap ;-P

    I <3 chemistry

  20. Anon,

    Yeah, I didn't want to suggest that you were inconsiderate, just that my feelings on the very murky waters of this matter were a bit different. It's always different when it's not just a hypothetical question. And, as Holly said, since it's been questioned if the whole thing even exists, and I've certainly met a bunch of men who have been surprised to say the least, it's kind of a "I'm not imagining this, am I" question for me. :) I'm always glad to hear of women who have the same trait, as it were, and of course I'm also interested in their experiences.


    I wish I was a nerd like your friend! But you know, having tasted it, I have no doubt about the urine content of my squirts. It smells the same as male ejaculate, a bit like chlorine, and has a very light metallic and salty taste. It helps to not be squeamish if you're not nerd enough. ;) (Well, sometimes I just don't have a choice when Wonderboy's face is covered with it and not kissing him is certainly not an option.)

  21. I squirt, though its mostly random when I do. I have to say though, a towel, folded in half is soooo NOT enough! I've used two towels and it still wasn't enough. I've also squirted two feet away when using a dildo. For me, there always has to be G-spot stimulation. And the orgasms are very different from my usual ones, they are harder/stronger, they use up more energy from my whole body and feel more statisfying somehow. Actually, they are a lot more like the clitoral orgasms I used to have in my youth....

    I'm with other posters, whether or not you can squirt is very likely just genetic variation. I also don't think we are having better orgasms, just different.

    Oh! And to save our mattress we have one of those rubber-backed sheet protectors. It does the job, for the most part, but even it can't help when I'm a freaking river.

  22. Well, I squirted for the first time today. I had a super full bladder and kept trying to just pee with the dildo going in and out and I could not pee for the life of me. I was in the shower, no water running at any point, btw. Anyway, I gave up on that an used a vibe on my clit and decided to just cum. When I did, I squirted (I was standing up.) I figured, oh, I just peed. But the liquid was clear, and out of curiosity, I reached down to put some on my hand to smell it. It did not smell like urine. So, eww, yes, I tasted it. And, it tasted sweet! I only tasted a teeny bit, but I sure smelled it a lot. Then, still dying to pee, I went to the toilet where my urine was a lot and yellow. When I squirted, it was like someone flipped about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of warm sugar water over. The orgasm was wonderful, but took longer for me to get there and so I was maybe warmed up? Oh, one other thing. I had used 2 dildos. I had at one point used one of those monster ones that you can't get your hand around and almost like getting fisted. The one I was using at the time I came was a smaller one, but still a nice size substantial one. I will be anxious to try again soon. :)