Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bad things.

Okay, the Pervocracy is back online after some Internet harassment. People are mean when they're anonymous. And even though I've made some efforts to disconnect this from my other online personalities and my real-life identity, I'm never 100% confident in my anonymity. I always want to be open and trusting and pour out my vulnerabilities when I write, and this doesn't work well in the face of a bunch of goons screaming "LOL FATTY HAS SEX LOL" and posting pictures of my face.

The good news is that I got up from the computer and had very nice real-life sex with a man who is big and fat and also dead sexy while these people were still typing angrily at me (on Valentine's Day evening no less!), so I don't feel too hurt. :p

I know it's fun to be mean on the Internet and God knows I've done it myself, but those guys suck. (Especially with their use of "fat" as a freestanding insult.) Anyway I think they've lost interest.

If this blog suddenly disappears again for a few more days, I was wrong about that.


  1. Reading your blog has become one of my daily rituals. I look forward to your humor, honesty, and the sharing of your life experiences. I was utterly disappointed when I tried to read it last night and was blocked.

    I'm sorry to hear that you were attacked in such a vicious and purely childish manner. Frankly, reading your blog has given me more confidence to be myself and secure in my own sexual needs. Please don't let their idoitc tendencies break you down.

  2. Hey Holly. I'm glad you're back. You had me worried for a while there. Your posts are always welcome and enjoyed by this guy. (Yes, I've been a lurker for some time.) Please keep writing and don't let the bad people get you down.

  3. People suck. Online people even more so.

  4. Argh, idiots. A plague on their house!

    Sorry, maybe not the right time for Shakespeare.

    I was also very disappointed last night when I couldn't get my fix of Pervocracy. Thank you for getting it back online.


  5. Thanks for your support, everyone. <3

    And yeah, noway nohow is the blog going anywhere; comments'll have to be moderated for a while but even that'll go away in time.

  6. Are you going to tell us what you did? I don't feel like registering with SA and trying to slog through the fora to find your posts.

  7. Bruno - You are loonier than a shithouse rat if you think I'm going to post my SA forums name on this blog...

    What I did was start a thread about my "friend"'s artwork with the intent of people going "flipper hands and lopsided faces lol", which they did, but then they found my journals, and since I'm the only goon who doesn't look like Scarlett Johanson this was of course HILARIOUS, but then they dug up the 17-year-old thing, but then the boyfriend came in to defend how mature the relationship was, and then the Internet exploded.

    You follow that?

  8. So...they hunted you down and paid $10 to insult your genitals...why, exactly?

  9. They're goons.

    (Translation since you're not a member: They love to troll and to be Internet Detectives. There was basically one guy on the thread who spent hours googling and digging up "incriminating" "evidence" like photos of me looking like a dork. It was... weird. As for the $10 I seriously have no idea, I guess this guy is just rich enough to be able to tell anyone he wants what they smell like.)

  10. Have you seen the documentary "Sex Blog Girls" ? You can find it on under the "Sexuality" category. I think you'll be able to relate to it.

    I'm fucking pissed at the assholes who would sabotage your mission (to be open, strong, and unashamed about your sexuality). Glad you didn't let those rotten apples spoil the whole barrel. I hope they get horsewhipped AND don't like it.